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net_instaweb::SystemRequestContext Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::SystemRequestContext:
net_instaweb::RequestContext net_instaweb::RefCounted< RequestContext > net_instaweb::ApacheRequestContext

Public Member Functions

 SystemRequestContext (AbstractMutex *logging_mutex, Timer *timer, StringPiece hostname, int local_port, StringPiece local_ip)
void set_url (StringPiece url)
int local_port () const
const GoogleStringlocal_ip () const
StringPiece url () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RequestContext
 RequestContext (const HttpOptions &options, AbstractMutex *logging_mutex, Timer *timer)
 RequestContext (AbstractMutex *logging_mutex, Timer *timer)
 If you use this constructor, you MUST set_options() later.
virtual AbstractLogRecordNewSubordinateLogRecord (AbstractMutex *logging_mutex)
RequestTraceroot_trace_context ()
void set_root_trace_context (RequestTrace *x)
 Takes ownership of the given context.
virtual RequestTraceCreateDependentTraceContext (const StringPiece &label)
virtual void ReleaseDependentTraceContext (RequestTrace *t)
virtual AbstractLogRecordlog_record ()
 The log record for the this request, created when the request context is.
bool using_http2 () const
 Determines whether this request is using the HTTP2 protocol.
void set_using_http2 (bool x)
void SetHttp2SupportFromViaHeader (StringPiece header)
const GoogleStringminimal_private_suffix () const
void set_minimal_private_suffix (StringPiece minimal_private_suffix)
void SetAcceptsWebp (bool x)
bool accepts_webp () const
void SetAcceptsGzip (bool x)
bool accepts_gzip () const
int64 request_id () const
void set_request_id (int64 x)
const GoogleStringsticky_query_parameters_token () const
void set_sticky_query_parameters_token (StringPiece x)
void AddSessionAuthorizedFetchOrigin (const GoogleString &origin)
bool IsSessionAuthorizedFetchOrigin (const GoogleString &origin) const
void PrepareLogRecordForOutput ()
void WriteBackgroundRewriteLog ()
 Write the log for background rewriting into disk.
AbstractLogRecordGetBackgroundRewriteLog (ThreadSystem *thread_system, bool log_urls, bool log_url_indices, int max_rewrite_info_log_size)
const RequestTimingInfotiming_info () const
RequestTimingInfomutable_timing_info ()
void set_options (const HttpOptions &options)
void ResetOptions (const HttpOptions &options)
const HttpOptionsoptions () const
void Freeze ()
bool frozen () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RefCounted< RequestContext >
void Release ()
void AddRef ()
bool HasOneRef ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SystemRequestContextDynamicCast (RequestContext *rc)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RequestContext
static RequestContextPtr NewTestRequestContext (ThreadSystem *thread_system)
static RequestContextPtr NewTestRequestContextWithTimer (ThreadSystem *thread_system, Timer *timer)
static RequestContextPtr NewTestRequestContext (AbstractLogRecord *log_record)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RequestContext
 RequestContext (const HttpOptions &options, AbstractMutex *mutex, Timer *timer, AbstractLogRecord *log_record)
virtual ~RequestContext ()
 Destructors in refcounted classes should be protected.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net_instaweb::SystemRequestContext::SystemRequestContext ( AbstractMutex logging_mutex,
Timer timer,
StringPiece  hostname,
int  local_port,
StringPiece  local_ip 

There are two ways a request may specify the hostname: with the Host header or on the initial request line. Callers need to check both places.

Member Function Documentation

static SystemRequestContext* net_instaweb::SystemRequestContext::DynamicCast ( RequestContext rc)

Returns rc as a SystemRequestContext* if it is one and CHECK fails if it is not. Returns NULL if rc is NULL.

void net_instaweb::SystemRequestContext::set_url ( StringPiece  url)

Captures the original URL of the request, which is used to help authorize domains for fetches we do on behalf of that request.

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