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net_instaweb::RequestContext Class Reference

#include "request_context.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::RequestContext:
net_instaweb::RefCounted< RequestContext > net_instaweb::SystemRequestContext net_instaweb::ApacheRequestContext

Public Member Functions

 RequestContext (const HttpOptions &options, AbstractMutex *logging_mutex, Timer *timer)
 RequestContext (AbstractMutex *logging_mutex, Timer *timer)
 If you use this constructor, you MUST set_options() later.
virtual AbstractLogRecordNewSubordinateLogRecord (AbstractMutex *logging_mutex)
RequestTraceroot_trace_context ()
void set_root_trace_context (RequestTrace *x)
 Takes ownership of the given context.
virtual RequestTraceCreateDependentTraceContext (const StringPiece &label)
virtual void ReleaseDependentTraceContext (RequestTrace *t)
virtual AbstractLogRecordlog_record ()
 The log record for the this request, created when the request context is.
bool using_http2 () const
 Determines whether this request is using the HTTP2 protocol.
void set_using_http2 (bool x)
void SetHttp2SupportFromViaHeader (StringPiece header)
const GoogleStringminimal_private_suffix () const
void set_minimal_private_suffix (StringPiece minimal_private_suffix)
void SetAcceptsWebp (bool x)
bool accepts_webp () const
void SetAcceptsGzip (bool x)
bool accepts_gzip () const
int64 request_id () const
void set_request_id (int64 x)
const GoogleStringsticky_query_parameters_token () const
void set_sticky_query_parameters_token (StringPiece x)
void AddSessionAuthorizedFetchOrigin (const GoogleString &origin)
bool IsSessionAuthorizedFetchOrigin (const GoogleString &origin) const
void PrepareLogRecordForOutput ()
void WriteBackgroundRewriteLog ()
 Write the log for background rewriting into disk.
AbstractLogRecordGetBackgroundRewriteLog (ThreadSystem *thread_system, bool log_urls, bool log_url_indices, int max_rewrite_info_log_size)
const RequestTimingInfotiming_info () const
RequestTimingInfomutable_timing_info ()
void set_options (const HttpOptions &options)
void ResetOptions (const HttpOptions &options)
const HttpOptionsoptions () const
void Freeze ()
bool frozen () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RefCounted< RequestContext >
void Release ()
void AddRef ()
bool HasOneRef ()

Static Public Member Functions

static RequestContextPtr NewTestRequestContext (ThreadSystem *thread_system)
static RequestContextPtr NewTestRequestContextWithTimer (ThreadSystem *thread_system, Timer *timer)
static RequestContextPtr NewTestRequestContext (AbstractLogRecord *log_record)

Protected Member Functions

 RequestContext (const HttpOptions &options, AbstractMutex *mutex, Timer *timer, AbstractLogRecord *log_record)
virtual ~RequestContext ()
 Destructors in refcounted classes should be protected.

Detailed Description

A class which wraps state associated with a request.

This object should be reference counted, wrapped in a RequestContextPtr. We use reference counting because, depending on the timing of asynchronous rewrites, RPC calls, and so on, a RequestContext may outlive the original HTTP request serving, or not. Reference counting avoids the complexity of explicit transfer of ownership in these cases.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net_instaweb::RequestContext::RequestContext ( const HttpOptions options,
AbstractMutex logging_mutex,
Timer timer 

|logging_mutex| will be passed to the request context's AbstractLogRecord, which will take ownership of it. If you will be doing logging in a real (threaded) environment, pass in a real mutex. If not, a NullMutex is fine. |timer| will be passed to the RequestTimingInfo, which will not take ownership. Passing NULL for |timer| is allowed.

net_instaweb::RequestContext::RequestContext ( const HttpOptions options,
AbstractMutex mutex,
Timer timer,
AbstractLogRecord log_record 
TODO(gee): Fix this, it sucks. The default constructor will not create a LogRecord. Subclass constructors must do this explicitly.

Member Function Documentation

virtual RequestTrace* net_instaweb::RequestContext::CreateDependentTraceContext ( const StringPiece &  label)

Creates a new RequestTrace associated with a request depending on the root user request; e.g., a subresource fetch for an HTML page.

This implementation is a no-op. Subclasses should customize this based on their underlying tracing system. A few interface notes:

AbstractLogRecord* net_instaweb::RequestContext::GetBackgroundRewriteLog ( ThreadSystem thread_system,
bool  log_urls,
bool  log_url_indices,
int  max_rewrite_info_log_size 

Return the log record for background rewrites. If it doesn't exist, create a new one.

bool net_instaweb::RequestContext::IsSessionAuthorizedFetchOrigin ( const GoogleString origin) const

Returns true for exactly the origins that were authorized for this particular session by calls to AddSessionAuthorizedFetchOrigin()

const GoogleString& net_instaweb::RequestContext::minimal_private_suffix ( ) const

The minimal private suffix for the hostname specified in this request. This should be calculated from the hostname by considering the list of public suffixes and including one additional component. So if a host is "a.b.c.d.e.f.g" and "e.f.g" is on the public suffix list then the minimal private suffix is "d.e.f.g".

There are two ways of specifying the host – with the Host header, or on the initial request line. The caller should make sure to look in both places.

If a system doesn't want to fragment the cache by minimal private suffix, it may set value to the empty string.

virtual AbstractLogRecord* net_instaweb::RequestContext::NewSubordinateLogRecord ( AbstractMutex logging_mutex)

Creates a new, unowned AbstractLogRecord, for use by some subordinate action. Also useful in case of background activity where logging is required after the response is written out, e.g., blink flow.

static RequestContextPtr net_instaweb::RequestContext::NewTestRequestContext ( ThreadSystem thread_system)
TODO(marq): Move this test context factory to a test-specific file. Makes a request context for running tests. Note: Test RequestContexts do not pay attention to options.
void net_instaweb::RequestContext::PrepareLogRecordForOutput ( )

Prepare the AbstractLogRecord for a subsequent call to WriteLog. This might include propagating information collected in the RequestContext, RequestTimingInfo for example, to the underlying logging infrastructure.

virtual void net_instaweb::RequestContext::ReleaseDependentTraceContext ( RequestTrace t)

Releases this object's reference to the given context and frees memory. Calls to CreateDependentTraceContext need not be matched by calls to this function. If a dependent trace span is not released when the request context reference count drops to zero, this object will clean all dependent traces.

Note that automatic cleanup of dependent traces is provided for safety. To provide meaningful performance statistics, cleanup should be coupled with the completion of the event being traced.

Subclasses should customize this based on their underlying tracing system.

void net_instaweb::RequestContext::ResetOptions ( const HttpOptions options)

This allows changing options already set.

TODO(sligocki): It would be nice if we could make sure options are only set once. Is it worth the complexity to force that to be true?
RequestTrace* net_instaweb::RequestContext::root_trace_context ( )

The root trace context is associated with the user request which we are attempting to serve. If this is a request with constituent resources that we rewrite, there may be several dependent fetches synthesized by PSOL during rewrites. Those are traced separately.

void net_instaweb::RequestContext::SetAcceptsGzip ( bool  x)

Indicates whether the request-headers tell us that a browser can extract gzip compressed data.

void net_instaweb::RequestContext::SetAcceptsWebp ( bool  x)

Indicates whether the request-headers tell us that a browser can render webp images.

void net_instaweb::RequestContext::SetHttp2SupportFromViaHeader ( StringPiece  header)

Checks to see if the passed in Via: header indicates this connection was terminated by an HTTP/2 proxy, and if so, sets the using_http2 bit. (If there are multiple proxies, this looks only at the one closest to the user)

This assumes that all the Via: headers are combined here, with the usual comma separation.

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