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net_instaweb::RequestTrace Class Referenceabstract

#include "request_trace.h"

Public Member Functions

virtual void TraceVPrintf (const char *fm, va_list argp)=0
 Logs formatted output to the distributed tracing context.
void TracePrintf (const char *fmt,...)
virtual void TraceLiteral (const char *literal)=0
virtual void TraceString (const GoogleString &s)=0
 Logs a short-lived string to the tracing context.
bool tracing_enabled ()
void set_tracing_enabled (bool x)

Detailed Description

The context for recording a distributed trace associated with a given request.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void net_instaweb::RequestTrace::TraceLiteral ( const char *  literal)
pure virtual

Logs a literal C string to the tracing context. The literal has indefinite lifespan (ie it must be a compile time constant); use TraceString if your data has a bounded lifetime.

bool net_instaweb::RequestTrace::tracing_enabled ( )

Returns true iff tracing is enabled. This can be used to avoid virtual function call overhead in the common case that tracing is not active for a given request.

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