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net_instaweb::CustomRewriteTestBase< OptionsClass > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::CustomRewriteTestBase< OptionsClass >:
net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase net_instaweb::RewriteOptionsTestBase< OptionsClass > net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc


class  CustomTestRewriteDriverFactory

Public Member Functions

virtual TestRewriteDriverFactoryMakeTestFactory ()
OptionsClass * NewOptions ()
OptionsClass * options ()
 Non-virtual override of options method defined in RewriteTestBase.
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase
 RewriteTestBase (std::pair< TestRewriteDriverFactory *, TestRewriteDriverFactory * > factories)
virtual void SetUp ()
virtual void TearDown ()
virtual bool AddBody () const
void AddRecompressImageFilters ()
void AddFilter (RewriteOptions::Filter filter)
 Add a single rewrite filter to rewrite_driver_.
void AddOtherFilter (RewriteOptions::Filter filter)
 Add a single rewrite filter to other_rewrite_driver_.
void AddRewriteFilter (RewriteFilter *filter)
void AddFetchOnlyRewriteFilter (RewriteFilter *filter)
void AddOtherRewriteFilter (RewriteFilter *filter)
void SetBaseUrlForFetch (const StringPiece &url)
void SetDriverRequestHeaders ()
void SetDownstreamCacheDirectives (StringPiece downstream_cache_purge_method, StringPiece downstream_cache_purge_location_prefix, StringPiece rebeaconing_key)
void SetShouldBeaconHeader (StringPiece rebeaconing_key)
 Set ShouldBeacon request header to the specified value.
ResourcePtr CreateResource (const StringPiece &base, const StringPiece &url)
Timertimer ()
void AppendDefaultHeaders (const ContentType &content_type, GoogleString *text)
 Append default headers to the given string.
void AppendDefaultHeadersWithCanonical (const ContentType &content_type, StringPiece canonical_url, GoogleString *text)
 Like above, but also include a Link: <..>; rel="canonical" header.
void ServeResourceFromManyContexts (const GoogleString &resource_url, const StringPiece &expected_content)
void ServeResourceFromManyContextsWithUA (const GoogleString &resource_url, const StringPiece &expected_content, const StringPiece &user_agent)
void ServeResourceFromNewContext (const GoogleString &resource_url, const StringPiece &expected_content)
virtual RewriteDriverhtml_parse ()
void DefaultResponseHeaders (const ContentType &content_type, int64 ttl_sec, ResponseHeaders *response_headers)
 Set default headers for a resource with content_type and Cache ttl_sec.
bool FetchResource (const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &ext, GoogleString *content)
bool FetchResource (const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &ext, GoogleString *content, ResponseHeaders *response)
bool FetchResourceUrl (const StringPiece &url, GoogleString *content, ResponseHeaders *response)
bool FetchResourceUrl (const StringPiece &url, RequestHeaders *request_headers, GoogleString *content, ResponseHeaders *response_headers)
bool FetchResourceUrl (const StringPiece &url, GoogleString *content)
bool TryFetchResource (const StringPiece &url)
 Just check if we can fetch a resource successfully, ignore response.
void SetUseManagedRewriteDrivers (bool use_managed_rewrite_drivers)
GoogleString CssLinkHref (const StringPiece &url)
void CollectCssLinks (const StringPiece &id, const StringPiece &html, StringVector *css_links)
 Collects the hrefs for all CSS <link>s on the page.
void CollectCssLinks (const StringPiece &id, const StringPiece &html, CssLink::Vector *css_links)
 Collects all information about CSS links into a CssLink::Vector.
void EncodePathAndLeaf (const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringVector &name_vector, const StringPiece &ext, ResourceNamer *namer)
 Encode the given name (path + leaf) using the given pagespeed attributes.
StringVector MultiUrl (const StringPiece &url1)
StringVector MultiUrl (const StringPiece &url1, const StringPiece &url2)
StringVector MultiUrl (const StringPiece &url1, const StringPiece &url2, const StringPiece &url3)
StringVector MultiUrl (const StringPiece &url1, const StringPiece &url2, const StringPiece &url3, const StringPiece &url4)
GoogleString Encode (const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &ext)
GoogleString Encode (const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringVector &name_vector, const StringPiece &ext)
GoogleString EncodeNormal (const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &ext)
 Same as Encode but specifically using UrlNamer not TestUrlNamer.
GoogleString EncodeNormal (const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringVector &name_vector, const StringPiece &ext)
GoogleString EncodeWithBase (const StringPiece &base, const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &ext)
GoogleString EncodeWithBase (const StringPiece &base, const StringPiece &path, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &hash, const StringVector &name_vector, const StringPiece &ext)
GoogleString EncodeImage (int width, int height, StringPiece filename, StringPiece hash, StringPiece rewritten_ext)
GoogleString AddOptionsToEncodedUrl (const StringPiece &url, const StringPiece &options)
 Takes an already-encoded URL and adds options to to it.
void SetupWaitFetcher ()
void CallFetcherCallbacks ()
void OtherCallFetcherCallbacks ()
RewriteOptionsoptions () const
RewriteOptionsother_options () const
void SetRewriteOptions (RewriteOptions *opts)
 Set the RewriteOptions to be returned by the RewriteOptionsManager.
bool AddDomain (StringPiece domain)
bool AddOriginDomainMapping (StringPiece to_domain, StringPiece from_domain)
bool AddRewriteDomainMapping (StringPiece to_domain, StringPiece from_domain)
bool AddShard (StringPiece domain, StringPiece shards)
void TestServeFiles (const ContentType *content_type, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &rewritten_ext, const StringPiece &orig_name, const StringPiece &orig_content, const StringPiece &rewritten_name, const StringPiece &rewritten_content)
 Helper method to test all manner of resource serving from a filter.
void ValidateFallbackHeaderSanitization (StringPiece filter_id)
TestRewriteDriverFactoryfactory ()
TestRewriteDriverFactoryother_factory ()
void UseMd5Hasher ()
void SetDefaultLongCacheHeaders (const ContentType *content_type, ResponseHeaders *header)
void SetFetchResponse (const StringPiece &url, const ResponseHeaders &response_header, const StringPiece &response_body)
void SetResponseWithDefaultHeaders (const StringPiece &relative_url, const ContentType &content_type, const StringPiece &content, int64 ttl_sec)
 Add content to mock fetcher (with default headers).
bool LoadFile (const StringPiece &filename, GoogleString *contents)
void AddFileToMockFetcher (const StringPiece &url, const StringPiece &filename, const ContentType &content_type, int64 ttl_sec)
 Add the contents of a file to mock fetcher (with default headers).
void AddToResponse (const StringPiece &url, const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &value)
void SetFetchResponse404 (const StringPiece &url)
void SetFetchFailOnUnexpected (bool fail)
void FetcherUpdateDateHeaders ()
void ClearFetcherResponses ()
virtual void ClearStats ()
void ClearRewriteDriver ()
MockUrlFetchermock_url_fetcher ()
Hasherhasher ()
DelayCachedelay_cache ()
LRUCachelru_cache ()
Statisticsstatistics ()
MemFileSystemfile_system ()
HTTPCachehttp_cache ()
PropertyCachepage_property_cache ()
MockMessageHandlermessage_handler ()
RewriteDriverrewrite_driver ()
RewriteDriverother_rewrite_driver ()
MockSchedulermock_scheduler ()
 The scheduler used by rewrite_driver.
int64 start_time_ms () const
bool ReadFile (const char *filename, GoogleString *contents)
bool WriteFile (const char *filename, const StringPiece &contents)
ServerContextserver_context ()
ServerContextother_server_context ()
CountingUrlAsyncFetchercounting_url_async_fetcher ()
void SetMockHashValue (const GoogleString &value)
void SetCacheDelayUs (int64 delay_us)
void SetupWriter () override
RewriteDriverMakeDriver (ServerContext *server_context, RewriteOptions *options)
GoogleString AbsolutifyUrl (const StringPiece &in)
 Converts a potentially relative URL off kTestDomain to absolute if needed.
void TestRetainExtraHeaders (const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &filter_id, const StringPiece &ext)
const UrlSegmentEncoderFindEncoder (const StringPiece &id) const
void SetUseTestUrlNamer (bool use_test_url_namer)
 Switch url namers as specified.
GoogleString EncodeCssName (const StringPiece &name, bool supports_webp, bool can_inline)
bool ReadIfCached (const ResourcePtr &resource)
void InitiateResourceRead (const ResourcePtr &resource)
HTTPCache::FindResult HttpBlockingFind (const GoogleString &key, HTTPCache *http_cache, HTTPValue *value_out, ResponseHeaders *headers)
HTTPCache::FindResult HttpBlockingFindStatus (const GoogleString &key, HTTPCache *http_cache)
HTTPCache::FindResult HttpBlockingFindWithOptions (const RewriteOptions *options, const GoogleString &key, HTTPCache *http_cache, HTTPValue *value_out, ResponseHeaders *headers)
 Same as above, but with options (for invalidation checks)
void SetXhtmlMimetype ()
 Sets the response-headers Content-Type to "application/xhtml+xml".
void SetHtmlMimetype ()
 Sets the response-headers Content-Type to "text/html".
void SetMimetype (const StringPiece &mimetype)
 Sets the response-headers Content-Type as specified.
void CheckFetchFromHttpCache (StringPiece url, StringPiece expected_contents, int64 expected_expiration_ms)
const PropertyCache::CohortSetupCohort (PropertyCache *cache, const GoogleString &cohort)
 Setup statistics for the given cohort and add it to the give PropertyCache.
void SetupSharedCache ()
MockPropertyPageNewMockPage (const StringPiece &url, const StringPiece &options_signature_hash, UserAgentMatcher::DeviceType device_type)
 Returns a new mock property page for the page property cache.
MockPropertyPageNewMockPage (const StringPiece &url)
void SetMockLogRecord ()
 Sets MockLogRecord in the driver's request_context.
MockLogRecordmock_log_record ()
 Returns the MockLogRecord in the driver.
GoogleString GetLazyloadScriptHtml ()
 Helper methods to return js/html snippets related to lazyload images.
GoogleString GetLazyloadPostscriptHtml ()
void SetCacheInvalidationTimestamp ()
void SetCacheInvalidationTimestampForUrl (StringPiece url, bool ignores_metadata_and_pcache)
void EnableCachePurge ()
void EnableDebug ()
 Enables the debug flag, which is often done on a test-by-test basis.
void DebugWithMessage (StringPiece expected_debug_message)
GoogleString DebugMessage (StringPiece url)
void DisableGzip ()
bool WasGzipped (const ResponseHeaders &response_headers)
 Determines whether a response was originally gzipped.
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptionsTestBase< OptionsClass >
ThreadSystemthread_system ()
OptionsClass * NewOptions ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase
enum  ActiveServerFlag { kPrimary, kSecondary }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase
static GoogleString ChangeSuffix (StringPiece old_url, bool append_new_suffix, StringPiece old_suffix, StringPiece new_suffix)
static const ProcessContextprocess_context ()
- Public Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptionsTestBase< OptionsClass >
scoped_ptr< ThreadSystemthread_system_
- Static Public Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase
static const char kTestData []
 Testdata directory.
static const char kConfiguredBeaconingKey []
 Beaconing key values used when downstream caching is enabled.
static const char kWrongBeaconingKey []
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase
void Init ()
virtual RequestContextPtr CreateRequestContext ()
void CallFetcherCallbacksForDriver (WaitUrlAsyncFetcher *fetcher, RewriteDriver *driver)
void PopulateDefaultHeaders (const ContentType &content_type, int64 original_content_length, ResponseHeaders *headers)
void SetActiveServer (ActiveServerFlag server_to_use)
void AdvanceTimeUs (int64 delay_ms)
void AdvanceTimeMs (int64 delay_ms)
void SetTimeUs (int64 time_us)
void SetTimeMs (int64 time_ms)
void AdjustTimeUsWithoutWakingAlarms (int64 time_us)
 Adjusts time ignoring any scheduler callbacks. Use with caution.
const RequestTimingInfotiming_info ()
 Accessor for TimingInfo.
RequestTimingInfomutable_timing_info ()
virtual RequestContextPtr request_context ()
LoggingInfo * logging_info ()
const MetadataCacheInfo & metadata_cache_info ()
 Convenience method to extract read-only metadata_cache_info.
GoogleString AppliedRewriterStringFromLog ()
void VerifyRewriterInfoEntry (AbstractLogRecord *log_record, const GoogleString &id, int url_index, int rewriter_info_index, int rewriter_info_size, int url_list_size, const GoogleString &url)
void SetCurrentUserAgent (const StringPiece &user_agent)
 Sets current_user_agent_.
void SetupForWebp ()
 Sets up user-agent and request-header to allow webp processing.
void SetupForWebpLossless ()
void SetupForWebpAnimated ()
void AddRequestAttribute (StringPiece name, StringPiece value)
void PopulateRequestHeaders (RequestHeaders *request_headers)
 Populates a RequestHeaders* object with al.
virtual void ParseUrl (StringPiece url, StringPiece html_input)
GoogleString ExpectedNonce ()
GoogleString HttpCacheKey (StringPiece url)
int TimedValue (StringPiece name)
 Returns the value of a TimedVariable, specified by name.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc
virtual bool AddHtmlTags () const
void SetDoctype (StringPiece directive)
virtual GoogleString AddHtmlBody (StringPiece html)
void ValidateNoChanges (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input)
void ValidateNoChangesFail (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input)
 Fail to ValidateNoChanges.
void SetupWriter (scoped_ptr< HtmlWriterFilter > *html_writer_filter)
void Parse (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input)
 Parse html_input, the result is stored in output_buffer_. More...
bool ValidateExpected (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input, StringPiece expected)
bool ValidateExpectedUrl (StringPiece url, StringPiece html_input, StringPiece expected)
 Same as ValidateExpected, but with an explicit URL rather than an id.
void ValidateExpectedFail (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input, StringPiece expected)
 Fail to ValidateExpected.
const GoogleUrlhtml_gurl ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase
const HTTPCache::FindResult kFoundResult
 Common values for HttpBlockingFind* result.
const HTTPCache::FindResult kNotFoundResult
MockUrlFetcher mock_url_fetcher_
scoped_ptr< Statisticsstatistics_
< TestRewriteDriverFactory
< TestRewriteDriverFactory
scoped_ptr< HtmlWriterFilterother_html_writer_filter_
ActiveServerFlag active_server_
bool use_managed_rewrite_drivers_
StringPiece current_user_agent_
StringVector request_attribute_names_
StringVector request_attribute_values_
MD5Hasher md5_hasher_
 owned by rewrite_driver_.
 owned by other_rewrite_driver_.
UrlSegmentEncoder default_encoder_
ResponseHeaders response_headers_
const GoogleString kEtag0
 Etag with a 0 hash.
uint64 expected_nonce_
GoogleString debug_message_
 Message used by DebugMessage.
- Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc
MockMessageHandler message_handler_
StringWriter write_to_string_
GoogleString output_buffer_
bool added_filter_
scoped_ptr< HtmlWriterFilterhtml_writer_filter_
GoogleString doctype_string_
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc
static const char kTestDomain []
static const char kXhtmlDtd []
 DOCTYPE string for claiming XHTML.

Member Function Documentation

template<class OptionsClass >
virtual TestRewriteDriverFactory* net_instaweb::CustomRewriteTestBase< OptionsClass >::MakeTestFactory ( )

Makes a TestRewriteDriverFactory. This can be overridden in subclasses if you need a factory with special properties.

TODO(jmarantz): This is currently only used in ServeResourceFromNewContext, but should be used for factory_ and other_factory_. This would requuire a refactor, because those are created at construction; too early for subclass overrides to take effect. To deal with that, an alternate constructor is provided above so that the proper sort of factories can be passed in.

Reimplemented from net_instaweb::RewriteTestBase.

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