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net_instaweb::ContentType Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  Type {
  kHtml, kXhtml, kCeHtml, kJavascript,
  kCss, kText, kXml, kPng,
  kGif, kJpeg, kSwf, kWebp,
  kIco, kJson, kSourceMap, kPdf,
  kVideo, kAudio, kOctetStream, kOther
 The MIME types we process. More...

Public Member Functions

const char * mime_type () const
const char * file_extension () const
Type type () const
bool IsCss () const
 Return true iff this content type is CSS.
bool IsJsLike () const
 Return true iff this content type is JS, or something similar like JSON.
bool IsHtmlLike () const
bool IsXmlLike () const
bool IsFlash () const
 Return true iff this content type is Flash.
bool IsImage () const
 Return true iff this content type is Image.
bool IsVideo () const
 Return true iff this content type is Video.
bool IsAudio () const
 Return true iff this content type is Audio.
bool IsLikelyStaticResource () const
 Heuristic to determine whether this should be treated as a static resource.
bool IsCompressible () const
 Heuristic to determine whether compressing the resource is beneficial.

Static Public Member Functions

static int MaxProducedExtensionLength ()

Public Attributes

const char * mime_type_
const char * file_extension_
 includes ".", e.g. ".ext"
Type type_

Member Enumeration Documentation

The MIME types we process.




Binary resources.


Used to specify a new local ContentType in one test file.

Member Function Documentation

const char* net_instaweb::ContentType::file_extension ( ) const
TODO(sligocki): Stop returning '.' in file_extension().
bool net_instaweb::ContentType::IsHtmlLike ( ) const

Return true iff this content type is HTML, or XHTML, or some other such thing (e.g. CE-HTML) that we can rewrite.

bool net_instaweb::ContentType::IsXmlLike ( ) const

Return true iff this content type is XML of some kind (either XHTML or some other XML).

static int net_instaweb::ContentType::MaxProducedExtensionLength ( )

Returns the maximum extension length of any resource types our filters can create. Does not count the ".". See RewriteDriver::CreateOutputResourceWithPath()

Member Data Documentation

const char* net_instaweb::ContentType::mime_type_

These fields should be private; we leave them public only so we can use struct literals in Other code should use the above accessor methods instead of accessing these fields directly.

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