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net_instaweb::Image Class Referenceabstract


struct  CompressionOptions
struct  ConversionBySourceVariable
struct  ConversionVariables

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dimensions (ImageDim *natural_dim)=0
size_t input_size () const
 Returns the size of original input in bytes.
size_t output_size ()
 Returns the size of output image in bytes.
ImageType image_type ()
virtual bool ResizeTo (const ImageDim &new_dim)=0
virtual void SetTransformToLowRes ()=0
const ContentTypecontent_type ()
StringPiece Contents ()
virtual bool DrawImage (Image *image, int x, int y)=0
virtual bool EnsureLoaded (bool output_useful)=0
virtual const GoogleStringurl ()=0
 Returns the image URL.
virtual const GoogleStringdebug_message ()=0
 Returns the debug message.
virtual const GoogleStringresize_debug_message ()=0
 Returns the resized image debug message.
virtual void SetDebugMessageUrl (const GoogleString &url)=0
 Sets the URL to be printed in debug messages.

Static Public Member Functions

static const ContentTypeTypeToContentType (ImageType t)
 static method to convert image type to content type.

Protected Member Functions

 Image (const StringPiece &original_contents)
 Image (ImageType type)
virtual void ComputeImageType ()=0
 Internal helpers.
virtual bool ComputeOutputContents ()=0
virtual void SetResizedDimensions (const ImageDim &dim)=0
 Inject desired resized dimensions directly for testing.
virtual bool ShouldConvertToProgressive (int64 quality) const =0

Protected Attributes

ImageType image_type_
 Lazily initialized, initially IMAGE_UNKNOWN.
const StringPiece original_contents_
GoogleString output_contents_
 Lazily filled.
bool output_valid_
 Indicates output_contents_ now correct.
bool rewrite_attempted_
 Indicates if we tried rewriting for this.


class ImageTestingPeer
class ImageTest

Member Function Documentation

const ContentType* net_instaweb::Image::content_type ( )

Returns image-appropriate content type, or NULL if no content type is known. Result is a top-level const pointer and should not be deleted etc.

StringPiece net_instaweb::Image::Contents ( )

Returns the best known image contents. If image type is not understood, then Contents() will have NULL data().

virtual void net_instaweb::Image::Dimensions ( ImageDim *  natural_dim)
pure virtual

Stores the image dimensions in natural_dim (on success, sets natural_dim->{width, height} and ImageUrlEncoder::HasValidDimensions(natural_dim) == true). This method can fail (ImageUrlEncoder::HasValidDimensions(natural_dim) == false) for various reasons: we don't understand the image format, we can't find the headers, the library doesn't support a particular encoding, etc. In that case the other fields are left alone.

virtual bool net_instaweb::Image::DrawImage ( Image image,
int  x,
int  y 
pure virtual

Draws the given image on top of this one at the given offset. Returns true if successful.

virtual bool net_instaweb::Image::EnsureLoaded ( bool  output_useful)
pure virtual

Attempts to decode this image and load its raster into memory. If this returns false, future calls to DrawImage and ResizeTo will fail.

If output_useful is true, the decoded version might be written out directly to user, so it may be worthwhile to make it efficient.

virtual bool net_instaweb::Image::ResizeTo ( const ImageDim &  new_dim)
pure virtual

Changes the size of the image to the given width and height. This will run image processing on the image, and return false if the image processing fails. Otherwise the image contents and type can change.

virtual void net_instaweb::Image::SetTransformToLowRes ( )
pure virtual

Enable the transformation to low res image. If low res image is enabled, all jpeg images are transformed to low quality jpeg images and all webp images to low quality webp images, if possible.

virtual bool net_instaweb::Image::ShouldConvertToProgressive ( int64  quality) const
protectedpure virtual

Determines whether it's a good idea to convert this image to progressive jpeg.

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