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net_instaweb::MockLogRecord Class Reference

A class which helps mock the methods of LogRecord for testing. More...

#include "log_record_test_helper.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::MockLogRecord:
net_instaweb::LogRecord net_instaweb::AbstractLogRecord

Public Member Functions

 MockLogRecord (AbstractMutex *mutex)
virtual void LogImageRewriteActivity (const char *id, const GoogleString &url, RewriterApplication::Status status, bool is_image_inlined, bool is_critical_image, bool is_url_rewritten, int size, bool try_low_res_src_insertion, bool low_res_src_inserted, ImageType low_res_image_type, int low_res_data_size)
 Log a RewriterInfo for the image rewrite filter.
 MOCK_METHOD1 (MockLogImageRewriteActivity, void(ImageRewriteInfo))
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::LogRecord
 LogRecord (AbstractMutex *mutex)
LoggingInfo * logging_info ()
virtual void SetImageStats (int num_img_tags, int num_inlined_img_tags, int num_critical_images_used)
 Sets image related statistics.
virtual void SetResourceCounts (int num_external_css, int num_scripts)
 Sets the number of external resources on an HTML page.
virtual void AddFoundPropertyToCohortInfo (int page_type, const GoogleString &cohort, const GoogleString &property)
virtual void AddRetrievedPropertyToCohortInfo (int page_type, const GoogleString &cohort, const GoogleString &property)
void SetCacheStatusForCohortInfo (int page_type, const GoogleString &cohort, bool found, int key_state)
 Updates the cohort info to update the cache key state.
void LogDeviceInfo (int device_type, bool supports_image_inlining, bool supports_lazyload_images, bool supports_critical_images_beacon, bool supports_deferjs, bool supports_webp_in_place, bool supports_webp_rewritten_urls, bool supports_webplossless_alpha, bool is_bot) override
 Log information related to the user agent and device making the request.
bool WriteLogImpl () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::AbstractLogRecord
 AbstractLogRecord (AbstractMutex *mutex)
GoogleString AppliedRewritersString ()
RewriterInfo * NewRewriterInfo (const char *rewriter_id)
void SetRewriterLoggingStatus (const char *rewriter_id, RewriterApplication::Status status)
void SetRewriterLoggingStatus (const char *rewriter_id, const GoogleString &url, RewriterApplication::Status status)
void LogRewriterHtmlStatus (const char *rewriter_id, RewriterHtmlApplication::Status status)
void LogRewriterApplicationStatus (const char *rewriter_id, RewriterApplication::Status status)
void LogImageBackgroundRewriteActivity (RewriterApplication::Status status, const GoogleString &url, const char *id, int original_size, int optimized_size, bool is_recompressed, ImageType original_image_type, ImageType optimized_image_type, bool is_resized, int original_width, int original_height, bool is_resized_using_rendered_dimensions, int resized_width, int resized_height)
void SetIsHtml (bool is_html)
 Atomically sets is_html_response in the logging proto.
void SetIsOriginalResourceCacheable (bool cacheable)
void LogJsDisableFilter (const char *id, bool has_pagespeed_no_defer)
void LogLazyloadFilter (const char *id, RewriterApplication::Status status, bool is_blacklisted, bool is_critical)
bool WriteLog ()
AbstractMutexmutex ()
void SetRewriterInfoMaxSize (int x)
void SetAllowLoggingUrls (bool allow_logging_urls)
void SetLogUrlIndices (bool log_url_indices)
void SetNumHtmlCriticalImages (int num_html_critical_images)
 Sets the number of critical images in HTML.
void SetNumCssCriticalImages (int num_css_critical_images)
 Sets the number of critical images in CSS.
void SetCriticalCssInfo (int critical_inlined_bytes, int original_external_bytes, int overhead_bytes)
 Sets critical CSS related byte counts (all uncompressed).
void LogIsXhr (bool is_xhr)
 Log whether the request is an XmlHttpRequest.
virtual void SetBackgroundRewriteInfo (bool log_urls, bool log_url_indices, int max_rewrite_info_log_size)
 Sets initial information for background rewrite log.
virtual void SetTimingInfo (const RequestTimingInfo &timing_info)
 Set timing information in the logging implementation.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::AbstractLogRecord
RewriterInfo * SetRewriterLoggingStatusHelper (const char *rewriter_id, const GoogleString &url, RewriterApplication::Status status)

Detailed Description

A class which helps mock the methods of LogRecord for testing.

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