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net_instaweb::ApacheConfig Class Reference

#include "apache_config.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::ApacheConfig:
net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions net_instaweb::RewriteOptions

Public Member Functions

 ApacheConfig (const StringPiece &description, ThreadSystem *thread_system)
 ApacheConfig (ThreadSystem *thread_system)
virtual ApacheConfigClone () const
 Make an identical copy of these options and return it.
virtual ApacheConfigNewOptions () const
 Make a new empty set of options.
bool GetProxyAuth (StringPiece *name, StringPiece *value, StringPiece *redirect) const
void set_proxy_auth (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringproxy_auth () const
bool force_buffering () const
void set_force_buffering (bool x)
bool proxy_all_requests_mode () const
bool measurement_proxy_mode () const
const GoogleStringmeasurement_proxy_root () const
const GoogleStringmeasurement_proxy_password () const
void Merge (const RewriteOptions &src) override
OptionSettingResult ParseAndSetOptionFromName2 (StringPiece name, StringPiece arg1, StringPiece arg2, GoogleString *msg, MessageHandler *handler) override
GoogleString SubclassSignatureLockHeld () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions
 SystemRewriteOptions (const StringPiece &description, ThreadSystem *thread_system)
 SystemRewriteOptions (ThreadSystem *thread_system)
int64 file_cache_clean_interval_ms () const
bool has_file_cache_clean_interval_ms () const
void set_file_cache_clean_interval_ms (int64 x)
int64 file_cache_clean_size_kb () const
bool has_file_cache_clean_size_kb () const
void set_file_cache_clean_size_kb (int64 x)
int64 file_cache_clean_inode_limit () const
bool has_file_cache_clean_inode_limit () const
void set_file_cache_clean_inode_limit (int64 x)
int64 lru_cache_byte_limit () const
void set_lru_cache_byte_limit (int64 x)
int64 lru_cache_kb_per_process () const
void set_lru_cache_kb_per_process (int64 x)
bool use_shared_mem_locking () const
void set_use_shared_mem_locking (bool x)
bool compress_metadata_cache () const
void set_compress_metadata_cache (bool x)
bool statistics_enabled () const
void set_statistics_enabled (bool x)
bool statistics_logging_enabled () const
void set_statistics_logging_enabled (bool x)
int64 statistics_logging_max_file_size_kb () const
const GoogleStringstatistics_logging_charts_css () const
const GoogleStringstatistics_logging_charts_js () const
int64 statistics_logging_interval_ms () const
void set_statistics_logging_interval_ms (int64 x)
const GoogleStringfile_cache_path () const
void set_file_cache_path (const GoogleString &x)
const GoogleStringlog_dir () const
void set_log_dir (const GoogleString &x)
const ExternalClusterSpecmemcached_servers () const
void set_memcached_servers (const ExternalClusterSpec &x)
int memcached_threads () const
void set_memcached_threads (int x)
int memcached_timeout_us () const
bool has_memcached_timeout_us () const
void set_memcached_timeout_us (int x)
const ExternalServerSpecredis_server () const
void set_redis_server (const ExternalServerSpec &x)
int64 redis_reconnection_delay_ms () const
int64 redis_timeout_us () const
int redis_database_index () const
bool has_redis_database_index () const
int64 slow_file_latency_threshold_us () const
bool has_slow_file_latency_threshold_us () const
void set_slow_file_latency_threshold_us (int64 x)
const GoogleStringfetcher_proxy () const
void set_fetcher_proxy (const GoogleString &x)
const GoogleStringcontroller_port () const
int popularity_contest_max_inflight_requests () const
int popularity_contest_max_queue_size () const
void set_cache_flush_poll_interval_sec (int64 num_seconds)
 Cache flushing configuration.
int64 cache_flush_poll_interval_sec () const
void set_cache_flush_filename (const StringPiece &sp)
const GoogleStringcache_flush_filename () const
const GoogleStringhttps_options () const
const GoogleStringssl_cert_directory () const
const GoogleStringssl_cert_file () const
int64 slurp_flush_limit () const
void set_slurp_flush_limit (int64 x)
bool slurp_read_only () const
void set_slurp_read_only (bool x)
bool rate_limit_background_fetches () const
const GoogleStringslurp_directory () const
void set_slurp_directory (GoogleString x)
bool disable_loopback_routing () const
bool fetch_with_gzip () const
int64 ipro_max_response_bytes () const
int64 ipro_max_concurrent_recordings () const
int64 default_shared_memory_cache_kb () const
void set_default_shared_memory_cache_kb (int64 x)
int shm_metadata_cache_checkpoint_interval_sec () const
void set_purge_method (const GoogleString &x)
const GoogleStringpurge_method () const
bool AllowDomain (const GoogleUrl &url, const FastWildcardGroup &wildcard_group) const
bool StatisticsAccessAllowed (const GoogleUrl &url) const
bool GlobalStatisticsAccessAllowed (const GoogleUrl &url) const
bool MessagesAccessAllowed (const GoogleUrl &url) const
bool ConsoleAccessAllowed (const GoogleUrl &url) const
bool AdminAccessAllowed (const GoogleUrl &url) const
bool GlobalAdminAccessAllowed (const GoogleUrl &url) const
bool test_proxy () const
void set_test_proxy (bool x)
bool has_static_assets_to_cdn () const
const StaticAssetSet & static_assets_to_cdn () const
 Particular assets to serve of an external URL.
const GoogleStringstatic_assets_cdn_base () const
 Base URL to serve them from.
void FillInStaticAssetCDNConf (StaticAssetConfig *out_conf) const
 Fills in an options proto based on the CDN settings passed above.
GoogleString test_proxy_slurp () const
bool slurping_enabled () const
 Helper functions.
bool slurping_enabled_read_only () const
StringPiece description () const
void set_description (const StringPiece &x)
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
bool AllowVaryOnAuto () const
bool AllowVaryOnAccept () const
bool AllowVaryOnSaveData () const
bool AllowVaryOnUserAgent () const
GoogleString AllowVaryOnToString () const
bool SupportSaveData () const
void set_allow_vary_on (const AllowVaryOn &x)
int64 ImageJpegQuality () const
 Image qualities and parameters, after applying the inheritance rules.
int64 ImageJpegQualityForSmallScreen () const
int64 ImageJpegQualityForSaveData () const
int64 ImageWebpQuality () const
int64 ImageWebpQualityForSmallScreen () const
int64 ImageWebpQualityForSaveData () const
int64 ImageWebpAnimatedQuality () const
int64 ImageJpegNumProgressiveScansForSmallScreen () const
bool HasValidSmallScreenQualities () const
bool HasValidSaveDataQualities () const
bool ImageOptimizationEnabled () const
 RewriteOptions (ThreadSystem *thread_system)
bool ModificationOK () const
bool MergeOK () const
void InitializeOptions (const Properties *properties)
bool modified () const
void SetDefaultRewriteLevel (RewriteLevel level)
void SetRewriteLevel (RewriteLevel level)
bool ValidateConfiguredHttpHeader (const GoogleString &name, const GoogleString &value, GoogleString *error_message)
bool ValidateAndAddResourceHeader (const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &value, GoogleString *error_message)
void AddResourceHeader (const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &value)
const NameValueresource_header (int i) const
int num_resource_headers () const
void AddCustomFetchHeader (const StringPiece &name, const StringPiece &value)
 Specify a header to insert when fetching subresources.
const NameValuecustom_fetch_header (int i) const
int num_custom_fetch_headers () const
ExperimentSpecGetExperimentSpec (int id) const
bool AvailableExperimentId (int id)
virtual ExperimentSpecAddExperimentSpec (const StringPiece &spec, MessageHandler *handler)
virtual bool SetExperimentState (int id)
void SetExperimentStateStr (const StringPiece &experiment_index)
int experiment_id () const
int experiment_spec_id (int i) const
GoogleString GetExperimentStateStr () const
ExperimentSpecexperiment_spec (int i) const
int num_experiments () const
bool enroll_experiment () const
void AddUrlValuedAttribute (const StringPiece &element, const StringPiece &attribute, semantic_type::Category category)
void UrlValuedAttribute (int index, StringPiece *element, StringPiece *attribute, semantic_type::Category *category) const
int num_url_valued_attributes () const
void AddInlineUnauthorizedResourceType (semantic_type::Category category)
bool HasInlineUnauthorizedResourceType (semantic_type::Category category) const
void ClearInlineUnauthorizedResourceTypes ()
void set_inline_unauthorized_resource_types (ResourceCategorySet x)
bool RegisterLibrary (uint64 bytes, StringPiece md5_hash, StringPiece canonical_url)
 Store size, md5 hash and canonical url for library recognition.
javascript_library_identification () const
RewriteLevel level () const
bool AdjustFiltersByCommaSeparatedList (const StringPiece &filters, MessageHandler *handler)
bool EnableFiltersByCommaSeparatedList (const StringPiece &filters, MessageHandler *handler)
bool DisableFiltersByCommaSeparatedList (const StringPiece &filters, MessageHandler *handler)
bool ForbidFiltersByCommaSeparatedList (const StringPiece &filters, MessageHandler *handler)
void DisableAllFilters ()
 Set rewrite level to kPassThrough and explicitly disable all filters.
void DisableAllFiltersNotExplicitlyEnabled ()
void EnableFilter (Filter filter)
void ForceEnableFilter (Filter filter)
void DisableFilter (Filter filter)
void DisableIfNotExplictlyEnabled (Filter filter)
void ForbidFilter (Filter filter)
void EnableFilters (const FilterSet &filter_set)
void DisableFilters (const FilterSet &filter_set)
void ForbidFilters (const FilterSet &filter_set)
void ClearFilters ()
void SoftEnableFilterForTesting (Filter filter)
void EnableExtendCacheFilters ()
bool Enabled (Filter filter) const
bool Forbidden (Filter filter) const
bool Forbidden (StringPiece filter_id) const
void GetEnabledFiltersRequiringScriptExecution (FilterVector *filters) const
 Returns the set of enabled filters that require JavaScript for execution.
void DisableFiltersRequiringScriptExecution ()
 Disables all filters that depend on executing custom javascript.
void DisableFiltersThatCantRunInAjax ()
 Disables all filters that cannot be run in an Ajax call.
bool RequiresAddHead () const
bool UsePerOriginPropertyCachePage () const
OptionSettingResult SetOptionFromName (StringPiece name, StringPiece value, GoogleString *msg)
OptionSettingResult SetOptionFromName (StringPiece name, StringPiece value)
 Like above, but doesn't bother formatting the error message.
OptionSettingResult SetOptionFromQuery (StringPiece name, StringPiece value)
OptionSettingResult SetOptionFromRemoteConfig (StringPiece name, StringPiece value)
GoogleString ScopeEnumToString (OptionScope scope)
virtual OptionSettingResult ParseAndSetOptionFromName1 (StringPiece name, StringPiece arg, GoogleString *msg, MessageHandler *handler)
OptionSettingResult ParseAndSetOptionFromNameWithScope (StringPiece name, StringPiece arg, OptionScope max_scope, GoogleString *msg, MessageHandler *handler)
virtual OptionSettingResult ParseAndSetOptionFromName3 (StringPiece name, StringPiece arg1, StringPiece arg2, StringPiece arg3, GoogleString *msg, MessageHandler *handler)
bool OptionValue (StringPiece option_name, const char **id, bool *was_set, GoogleString *value) const
bool SetOptionsFromName (const OptionSet &option_set, MessageHandler *handler)
bool SetOptionFromNameAndLog (StringPiece name, StringPiece value, MessageHandler *handler)
int64 css_outline_min_bytes () const
void set_css_outline_min_bytes (int64 x)
const GoogleStringga_id () const
void set_ga_id (const GoogleString &id)
void set_content_experiment_id (const GoogleString &s)
const GoogleStringcontent_experiment_id () const
void set_content_experiment_variant_id (const GoogleString &s)
const GoogleStringcontent_experiment_variant_id () const
bool is_content_experiment () const
bool use_analytics_js () const
void set_use_analytics_js (bool x)
bool increase_speed_tracking () const
void set_increase_speed_tracking (bool x)
int64 js_outline_min_bytes () const
void set_js_outline_min_bytes (int64 x)
int64 progressive_jpeg_min_bytes () const
void set_progressive_jpeg_min_bytes (int64 x)
int64 css_flatten_max_bytes () const
void set_css_flatten_max_bytes (int64 x)
bool cache_small_images_unrewritten () const
void set_cache_small_images_unrewritten (bool x)
int64 image_resolution_limit_bytes () const
void set_image_resolution_limit_bytes (int64 x)
int64 ImageInlineMaxBytes () const
 Retrieve the image inlining threshold, but return 0 if it's disabled.
void set_image_inline_max_bytes (int64 x)
int64 CssImageInlineMaxBytes () const
 Retrieve the css image inlining threshold, but return 0 if it's disabled.
void set_css_image_inline_max_bytes (int64 x)
int64 MaxImageInlineMaxBytes () const
 The larger of ImageInlineMaxBytes and CssImageInlineMaxBytes.
int64 css_inline_max_bytes () const
void set_css_inline_max_bytes (int64 x)
int64 google_font_css_inline_max_bytes () const
void set_google_font_css_inline_max_bytes (int64 x)
int64 js_inline_max_bytes () const
void set_js_inline_max_bytes (int64 x)
int64 max_html_cache_time_ms () const
void set_max_html_cache_time_ms (int64 x)
int64 max_html_parse_bytes () const
void set_max_html_parse_bytes (int64 x)
int64 max_cacheable_response_content_length () const
void set_max_cacheable_response_content_length (int64 x)
int64 min_resource_cache_time_to_rewrite_ms () const
void set_min_resource_cache_time_to_rewrite_ms (int64 x)
bool need_to_store_experiment_data () const
void set_need_to_store_experiment_data (bool x)
int64 blocking_fetch_timeout_ms () const
void set_blocking_fetch_timeout_ms (int64 x)
bool override_ie_document_mode () const
void set_override_ie_document_mode (bool x)
bool preserve_subresource_hints () const
void set_preserve_subresource_hints (bool x)
bool preserve_url_relativity () const
void set_preserve_url_relativity (bool x)
bool IsUrlCacheValid (StringPiece url, int64 time_ms, bool search_wildcards) const
void AddUrlCacheInvalidationEntry (StringPiece url_pattern, int64 timestamp_ms, bool ignores_metadata_and_pcache)
void PurgeUrl (StringPiece url, int64 timestamp_ms)
 Purge a cache entry for an exact URL, not a wildcard.
bool IsUrlCacheInvalidationEntriesSorted () const
void set_cache_invalidation_timestamp_mutex (ThreadSystem::RWLock *lock)
int64 cache_invalidation_timestamp () const
bool has_cache_invalidation_timestamp_ms () const
bool UpdateCacheInvalidationTimestampMs (int64 timestamp_ms) LOCKS_EXCLUDED(cache_purge_mutex_.get())
bool UpdateCachePurgeSet (const CopyOnWrite< PurgeSet > &purge_set) LOCKS_EXCLUDED(cache_purge_mutex_.get())
GoogleString PurgeSetString () const
int64 idle_flush_time_ms () const
void set_idle_flush_time_ms (int64 x)
int64 flush_buffer_limit_bytes () const
 How much accumulated HTML will result in PSA introducing a flush.
void set_flush_buffer_limit_bytes (int64 x)
int max_url_segment_size () const
void set_max_url_segment_size (int x)
int image_max_rewrites_at_once () const
void set_image_max_rewrites_at_once (int x)
int max_url_size () const
 The maximum size of the entire URL. If '0', this is left unlimited.
void set_max_url_size (int x)
int rewrite_deadline_ms () const
void set_rewrite_deadline_ms (int x)
bool test_instant_fetch_rewrite_deadline () const
void set_test_instant_fetch_rewrite_deadline (bool x)
void set_test_only_prioritize_critical_css_dont_apply_original_css (bool x)
bool test_only_prioritize_critical_css_dont_apply_original_css () const
int domain_shard_count () const
void set_domain_shard_count (int64 x)
void set_enabled (EnabledEnum x)
bool enabled () const
bool unplugged () const
bool standby () const
void set_add_options_to_urls (bool x)
bool add_options_to_urls () const
void set_publicly_cache_mismatched_hashes_experimental (bool x)
bool publicly_cache_mismatched_hashes_experimental () const
void set_oblivious_pagespeed_urls (bool x)
bool oblivious_pagespeed_urls () const
void set_in_place_rewriting_enabled (bool x)
bool in_place_rewriting_enabled () const
void set_in_place_wait_for_optimized (bool x)
bool in_place_wait_for_optimized () const
void set_in_place_rewrite_deadline_ms (int x)
int in_place_rewrite_deadline_ms () const
void set_in_place_s_maxage_sec (int x)
int in_place_s_maxage_sec () const
int EffectiveInPlaceSMaxAgeSec () const
void set_in_place_preemptive_rewrite_css (bool x)
bool in_place_preemptive_rewrite_css () const
void set_in_place_preemptive_rewrite_css_images (bool x)
bool in_place_preemptive_rewrite_css_images () const
void set_in_place_preemptive_rewrite_images (bool x)
bool in_place_preemptive_rewrite_images () const
void set_in_place_preemptive_rewrite_javascript (bool x)
bool in_place_preemptive_rewrite_javascript () const
void set_private_not_vary_for_ie (bool x)
bool private_not_vary_for_ie () const
void set_combine_across_paths (bool x)
bool combine_across_paths () const
void set_log_background_rewrites (bool x)
bool log_background_rewrites () const
void set_log_mobilization_samples (bool x)
bool log_mobilization_samples () const
void set_log_rewrite_timing (bool x)
bool log_rewrite_timing () const
void set_log_url_indices (bool x)
bool log_url_indices () const
void set_lowercase_html_names (bool x)
bool lowercase_html_names () const
void set_always_rewrite_css (bool x)
bool always_rewrite_css () const
void set_respect_vary (bool x)
bool respect_vary () const
void set_respect_x_forwarded_proto (bool x)
bool respect_x_forwarded_proto () const
void set_flush_html (bool x)
bool flush_html () const
void set_serve_stale_if_fetch_error (bool x)
bool serve_stale_if_fetch_error () const
void set_serve_xhr_access_control_headers (bool x)
bool serve_xhr_access_control_headers () const
void set_proactively_freshen_user_facing_request (bool x)
bool proactively_freshen_user_facing_request () const
void set_serve_stale_while_revalidate_threshold_sec (int64 x)
int64 serve_stale_while_revalidate_threshold_sec () const
void set_default_cache_html (bool x)
bool default_cache_html () const
void set_modify_caching_headers (bool x)
bool modify_caching_headers () const
void set_inline_only_critical_images (bool x)
bool inline_only_critical_images () const
void set_critical_images_beacon_enabled (bool x)
bool critical_images_beacon_enabled () const
void set_beacon_reinstrument_time_sec (int x)
int beacon_reinstrument_time_sec () const
void set_accept_invalid_signatures (bool x)
bool accept_invalid_signatures () const
void set_remote_configuration_timeout_ms (int64 x)
int64 remote_configuration_timeout_ms () const
void set_remote_configuration_url (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringremote_configuration_url () const
void set_http_cache_compression_level (int x)
int http_cache_compression_level () const
void set_request_option_override (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringrequest_option_override () const
void set_url_signing_key (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringurl_signing_key () const
void set_lazyload_images_after_onload (bool x)
bool lazyload_images_after_onload () const
void set_lazyload_images_blank_url (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringlazyload_images_blank_url () const
void set_max_inlined_preview_images_index (int x)
int max_inlined_preview_images_index () const
void set_use_blank_image_for_inline_preview (bool x)
bool use_blank_image_for_inline_preview () const
void set_min_image_size_low_resolution_bytes (int64 x)
int64 min_image_size_low_resolution_bytes () const
void set_max_image_size_low_resolution_bytes (int64 x)
int64 max_image_size_low_resolution_bytes () const
void set_experiment_cookie_duration_ms (int64 x)
int64 experiment_cookie_duration_ms () const
void set_finder_properties_cache_expiration_time_ms (int64 x)
int64 finder_properties_cache_expiration_time_ms () const
void set_finder_properties_cache_refresh_time_ms (int64 x)
int64 finder_properties_cache_refresh_time_ms () const
void set_rewrite_random_drop_percentage (int x)
int rewrite_random_drop_percentage () const
bool css_preserve_urls () const
void set_css_preserve_urls (bool x)
bool image_preserve_urls () const
void set_image_preserve_urls (bool x)
bool js_preserve_urls () const
void set_js_preserve_urls (bool x)
void set_metadata_cache_staleness_threshold_ms (int64 x)
int64 metadata_cache_staleness_threshold_ms () const
void set_metadata_input_errors_cache_ttl_ms (int64 x)
int64 metadata_input_errors_cache_ttl_ms () const
const GoogleStringdownstream_cache_purge_method () const
void set_downstream_cache_purge_method (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringdownstream_cache_purge_location_prefix () const
void set_downstream_cache_purge_location_prefix (StringPiece p)
bool IsDownstreamCacheIntegrationEnabled () const
void set_downstream_cache_rebeaconing_key (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringdownstream_cache_rebeaconing_key () const
bool IsDownstreamCacheRebeaconingKeyConfigured () const
bool MatchesDownstreamCacheRebeaconingKey (StringPiece key) const
void set_downstream_cache_rewritten_percentage_threshold (int64 x)
int64 downstream_cache_rewritten_percentage_threshold () const
const BeaconUrlbeacon_url () const
void set_beacon_url (const GoogleString &beacon_url)
virtual bool trim_urls_in_css () const
 Return false in a subclass if you want to disallow all URL trimming in CSS.
void set_image_jpeg_recompress_quality (int64 x)
void set_image_jpeg_recompress_quality_for_small_screens (int64 x)
void set_image_jpeg_quality_for_save_data (int64 x)
int64 image_recompress_quality () const
void set_image_recompress_quality (int64 x)
int image_limit_optimized_percent () const
void set_image_limit_optimized_percent (int x)
int image_limit_resize_area_percent () const
void set_image_limit_resize_area_percent (int x)
int image_limit_rendered_area_percent () const
void set_image_limit_rendered_area_percent (int x)
int64 image_jpeg_num_progressive_scans () const
void set_image_jpeg_num_progressive_scans (int64 x)
void set_image_jpeg_num_progressive_scans_for_small_screens (int64 x)
void set_image_webp_recompress_quality (int64 x)
void set_image_webp_recompress_quality_for_small_screens (int64 x)
void set_image_webp_animated_recompress_quality (int64 x)
void set_image_webp_quality_for_save_data (int64 x)
int64 image_webp_timeout_ms () const
void set_image_webp_timeout_ms (int64 x)
bool domain_rewrite_hyperlinks () const
void set_domain_rewrite_hyperlinks (bool x)
bool domain_rewrite_cookies () const
void set_domain_rewrite_cookies (bool x)
bool client_domain_rewrite () const
void set_client_domain_rewrite (bool x)
void set_follow_flushes (bool x)
bool follow_flushes () const
void set_enable_defer_js_experimental (bool x)
bool enable_defer_js_experimental () const
void set_disable_rewrite_on_no_transform (bool x)
bool disable_rewrite_on_no_transform () const
void set_disable_background_fetches_for_bots (bool x)
bool disable_background_fetches_for_bots () const
void set_enable_cache_purge (bool x)
bool enable_cache_purge () const
void set_proactive_resource_freshening (bool x)
bool proactive_resource_freshening () const
void set_lazyload_highres_images (bool x)
bool lazyload_highres_images () const
void set_use_fallback_property_cache_values (bool x)
bool use_fallback_property_cache_values () const
void set_await_pcache_lookup (bool x)
bool await_pcache_lookup () const
void set_enable_prioritizing_scripts (bool x)
bool enable_prioritizing_scripts () const
const GoogleStringblocking_rewrite_key () const
void set_blocking_rewrite_key (StringPiece p)
void EnableBlockingRewriteForRefererUrlPattern (StringPiece url_pattern)
bool IsBlockingRewriteEnabledForReferer (StringPiece url) const
bool IsBlockingRewriteRefererUrlPatternPresent () const
bool rewrite_uncacheable_resources () const
void set_rewrite_uncacheable_resources (bool x)
void set_running_experiment (bool x)
bool running_experiment () const
void set_experiment_ga_slot (int x)
 x should be between 1 and 5 inclusive.
int experiment_ga_slot () const
void set_enroll_experiment_id (int x)
int enroll_experiment_id () const
void set_report_unload_time (bool x)
bool report_unload_time () const
void set_implicit_cache_ttl_ms (int64 x)
int64 implicit_cache_ttl_ms () const
void set_load_from_file_cache_ttl_ms (int64 x)
int64 load_from_file_cache_ttl_ms () const
bool load_from_file_cache_ttl_ms_was_set () const
void set_x_header_value (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringx_header_value () const
void set_avoid_renaming_introspective_javascript (bool x)
bool avoid_renaming_introspective_javascript () const
void set_forbid_all_disabled_filters (bool x)
bool forbid_all_disabled_filters () const
bool reject_blacklisted () const
void set_reject_blacklisted (bool x)
HttpStatus::Code reject_blacklisted_status_code () const
void set_reject_blacklisted_status_code (HttpStatus::Code x)
bool support_noscript_enabled () const
void set_support_noscript_enabled (bool x)
bool enable_extended_instrumentation () const
void set_enable_extended_instrumentation (bool x)
bool use_experimental_js_minifier () const
void set_use_experimental_js_minifier (bool x)
void set_max_combined_css_bytes (int64 x)
int64 max_combined_css_bytes () const
void set_max_combined_js_bytes (int64 x)
int64 max_combined_js_bytes () const
void set_pre_connect_url (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringpre_connect_url () const
void set_property_cache_http_status_stability_threshold (int x)
int property_cache_http_status_stability_threshold () const
void set_max_rewrite_info_log_size (int x)
int max_rewrite_info_log_size () const
void set_enable_aggressive_rewriters_for_mobile (bool x)
bool enable_aggressive_rewriters_for_mobile () const
void set_allow_logging_urls_in_log_record (bool x)
bool allow_logging_urls_in_log_record () const
void set_allow_options_to_be_set_by_cookies (bool x)
bool allow_options_to_be_set_by_cookies () const
void set_non_cacheables_for_cache_partial_html (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringnon_cacheables_for_cache_partial_html () const
void set_no_transform_optimized_images (bool x)
bool no_transform_optimized_images () const
void set_access_control_allow_origins (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringaccess_control_allow_origins () const
void set_hide_referer_using_meta (bool x)
bool hide_referer_using_meta () const
void set_max_low_res_image_size_bytes (int64 x)
int64 max_low_res_image_size_bytes () const
void set_max_low_res_to_full_res_image_size_percentage (int x)
int max_low_res_to_full_res_image_size_percentage () const
void set_serve_rewritten_webp_urls_to_any_agent (bool x)
bool serve_rewritten_webp_urls_to_any_agent () const
void set_cache_fragment (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringcache_fragment () const
void set_sticky_query_parameters (StringPiece p)
const GoogleStringsticky_query_parameters () const
void set_option_cookies_duration_ms (int64 x)
int64 option_cookies_duration_ms () const
void set_responsive_image_densities (const ResponsiveDensities &x)
const ResponsiveDensitiesresponsive_image_densities () const
const GoogleStringamp_link_pattern () const
void set_amp_link_pattern (const GoogleString &id)
bool honor_csp () const
void set_honor_csp (bool x)
virtual bool DisableDomainRewrite () const
void MergeOnlyProcessScopeOptions (const RewriteOptions &src)
void Allow (StringPiece wildcard_pattern)
void Disallow (StringPiece wildcard_pattern)
void AllowWhenInlining (StringPiece wildcard_pattern)
 Like Allow(). See IsAllowedWhenInlining().
void AllowOnlyWhenInlining (StringPiece wildcard_pattern)
void DisallowWhenInlining (StringPiece wildcard_pattern)
 Like Disallow(). See IsAllowedWhenInlining().
virtual void DisallowTroublesomeResources ()
virtual void DisallowResourcesForProxy ()
const DomainLawyerdomain_lawyer () const
DomainLawyerWriteableDomainLawyer ()
FileLoadPolicyfile_load_policy ()
const FileLoadPolicyfile_load_policy () const
bool IsAllowed (StringPiece url) const
bool IsAllowedWhenInlining (StringPiece url) const
void RetainComment (StringPiece comment)
 Adds a new comment wildcard pattern to be retained.
bool IsRetainedComment (StringPiece comment) const
void DisableLazyloadForClassName (StringPiece class_name)
 Adds a new class name for which lazyload should be disabled.
bool IsLazyloadEnabledForClassName (StringPiece class_name) const
 Checks if lazyload images is enabled for the specified class.
void AddCssCombiningWildcard (StringPiece id_wildcard)
 Adds a new comment wildcard pattern to be retained.
bool IsAllowedIdForCssCombining (StringPiece id) const
bool CssCombiningMayPermitIds () const
void set_override_caching_ttl_ms (int64 x)
int64 override_caching_ttl_ms () const
void AddOverrideCacheTtl (StringPiece wildcard)
bool IsCacheTtlOverridden (StringPiece url) const
 Is the cache TTL overridden for the given url?
void AddRejectedUrlWildcard (const GoogleString &wildcard)
void AddRejectedHeaderWildcard (StringPiece header_name, const GoogleString &wildcard)
bool IsRequestDeclined (const GoogleString &url, const RequestHeaders *request_headers) const
void ComputeSignature () LOCKS_EXCLUDED(cache_purge_mutex_.get())
void ComputeSignatureLockHeld () SHARED_LOCKS_REQUIRED(cache_purge_mutex_)
void Freeze ()
bool ClearSignatureWithCaution ()
bool frozen () const
bool ClearSignatureForTesting ()
const GoogleStringsignature () const
 Returns the computed signature. More...
virtual GoogleString OptionsToString () const
GoogleString FilterSetToString (const FilterSet &filter_set) const
GoogleString EnabledFiltersToString () const
GoogleString SafeEnabledOptionsToString () const
virtual GoogleString ToExperimentString () const
virtual GoogleString ToExperimentDebugString () const
const OptionBaseVectorall_options () const
bool IsEqual (const RewriteOptions &that) const
const Hasherhasher () const
 Returns the hasher used for signatures and URLs to purge.
const SHA1Signaturesha1signature () const
ThreadSystemthread_system () const
HttpOptions ComputeHttpOptions () const
bool NeedsDependenciesCohort () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void Initialize ()
static void Terminate ()
static const ApacheConfigDynamicCast (const RewriteOptions *instance)
static ApacheConfigDynamicCast (RewriteOptions *instance)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions
static void Initialize ()
static void Terminate ()
static const SystemRewriteOptionsDynamicCast (const RewriteOptions *instance)
static SystemRewriteOptionsDynamicCast (RewriteOptions *instance)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
static const char * FilterName (Filter filter)
static const char * FilterId (Filter filter)
static int NumFilterIds ()
static bool AddByNameToFilterSet (const StringPiece &option, FilterSet *set, MessageHandler *handler)
static bool ParseRewriteLevel (const StringPiece &in, RewriteLevel *out)
static bool ParseInlineUnauthorizedResourceType (const StringPiece &in, ResourceCategorySet *resource_types)
static bool ParseBeaconUrl (const StringPiece &in, BeaconUrl *out)
static bool Initialize ()
static bool Terminate ()
static bool AddCommaSeparatedListToOptionSet (const StringPiece &options, OptionSet *set, MessageHandler *handler)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, bool *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, EnabledEnum *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, int *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, int64 *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, double *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, GoogleString *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, RewriteLevel *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, ResourceCategorySet *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, BeaconUrl *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, Color *color)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, MobTheme *theme)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, ResponsiveDensities *value)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, protobuf::MessageLite *proto)
static bool ParseFromString (StringPiece value_string, AllowVaryOn *allow_vary_on)
static Filter LookupFilterById (const StringPiece &filter_id)
static Filter LookupFilter (const StringPiece &filter_name)
 Convert the filter name to a Filter.
static const PropertyBaseLookupOptionById (StringPiece option_id)
static const PropertyBaseLookupOptionByName (StringPiece option_name)
static const StringPiece LookupOptionNameById (StringPiece option_id)
static bool IsValidOptionName (StringPiece name)
 Determine if the given option name is valid/known.
static bool IsDeprecatedOptionName (StringPiece option_name)
static const Propertiesdeprecated_properties ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions
typedef std::set
< StaticAssetEnum::StaticAsset > 
- Public Types inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
enum  Filter {
  kAddBaseTag, kAddHead, kAddIds, kAddInstrumentation,
  kComputeStatistics, kCachePartialHtmlDeprecated, kCanonicalizeJavascriptLibraries, kCollapseWhitespace,
  kCombineCss, kCombineHeads, kCombineJavascript, kComputeCriticalCss,
  kComputeVisibleTextDeprecated, kConvertGifToPng, kConvertJpegToProgressive, kConvertJpegToWebp,
  kConvertMetaTags, kConvertPngToJpeg, kConvertToWebpAnimated, kConvertToWebpLossless,
  kDebug, kDecodeRewrittenUrls, kDedupInlinedImages, kDeferIframe,
  kDeferJavascript, kDelayImages, kDeterministicJs, kDisableJavascript,
  kDivStructure, kElideAttributes, kExperimentCollectMobImageInfo, kExperimentHttp2,
  kExplicitCloseTags, kExtendCacheCss, kExtendCacheImages, kExtendCachePdfs,
  kExtendCacheScripts, kFallbackRewriteCssUrls, kFixReflows, kFlattenCssImports,
  kFlushSubresources, kHandleNoscriptRedirect, kHintPreloadSubresources, kHtmlWriterFilter,
  kIncludeJsSourceMaps, kInlineCss, kInlineGoogleFontCss, kInlineImages,
  kInlineImportToLink, kInlineJavascript, kInPlaceOptimizeForBrowser, kInsertAmpLink,
  kInsertDnsPrefetch, kInsertGA, kInsertImageDimensions, kJpegSubsampling,
  kLazyloadImages, kLeftTrimUrls, kLocalStorageCache, kMakeGoogleAnalyticsAsync,
  kMakeShowAdsAsync, kMobilize, kMobilizePrecompute, kMoveCssAboveScripts,
  kMoveCssToHead, kOutlineCss, kOutlineJavascript, kPedantic,
  kPrioritizeCriticalCss, kRecompressJpeg, kRecompressPng, kRecompressWebp,
  kRemoveComments, kRemoveQuotes, kResizeImages, kResizeMobileImages,
  kResizeToRenderedImageDimensions, kResponsiveImages, kResponsiveImagesZoom, kRewriteCss,
  kRewriteDomains, kRewriteJavascriptExternal, kRewriteJavascriptInline, kRewriteStyleAttributes,
  kRewriteStyleAttributesWithUrl, kServeDeprecationNotice, kSplitHtml, kSplitHtmlHelper,
  kSpriteImages, kStripImageColorProfile, kStripImageMetaData, kStripScripts,
enum  EnabledEnum { kEnabledOff, kEnabledOn, kEnabledUnplugged, kEnabledStandby }
enum  OptionScope {
  kQueryScope, kDirectoryScope, kServerScope, kLegacyProcessScope,
enum  RewriteLevel {
  kPassThrough, kOptimizeForBandwidth, kCoreFilters, kMobilizeFilters,
  kTestingCoreFilters, kAllFilters
enum  OptionSettingResult { kOptionOk, kOptionNameUnknown, kOptionValueInvalid }
 Used for return value of SetOptionFromName.
typedef EnumSet< Filter,
kEndOfFilters > 
typedef std::vector< FilterFilterVector
typedef std::set< GoogleStringFilterIdSet
 Convenience name for a set of rewrite filter ids.
typedef std::pair
< GoogleString, GoogleString
typedef std::set
< OptionStringPair
typedef std::vector
< PropertyBase * > 
typedef std::vector< OptionBase * > OptionBaseVector
 Convenience name for a set of rewrite options.
typedef std::set
< semantic_type::Category > 
- Static Public Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions
static const char kCentralControllerPort []
static const char kPopularityContestMaxInFlight []
static const char kPopularityContestMaxQueueSize []
static const char kStaticAssetCDN []
static const char kRedisServer []
static const char kRedisReconnectionDelayMs []
static const char kRedisTimeoutUs []
static const char kRedisDatabaseIndex []
static constexpr int kMemcachedDefaultPort = 11211
static constexpr int kRedisDefaultPort = 6379
- Static Public Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
static const char kAcceptInvalidSignatures []
static const char kAccessControlAllowOrigins []
static const char kAddOptionsToUrls []
static const char kAllowLoggingUrlsInLogRecord []
static const char kAllowOptionsToBeSetByCookies []
static const char kAllowVaryOn []
static const char kAlwaysRewriteCss []
static const char kAmpLinkPattern []
static const char kAnalyticsID []
static const char kAvoidRenamingIntrospectiveJavascript []
static const char kAwaitPcacheLookup []
static const char kBeaconReinstrumentTimeSec []
static const char kBeaconUrl []
static const char kCacheFragment []
static const char kCacheSmallImagesUnrewritten []
static const char kClientDomainRewrite []
static const char kCombineAcrossPaths []
static const char kContentExperimentID []
static const char kContentExperimentVariantID []
static const char kCriticalImagesBeaconEnabled []
static const char kCssFlattenMaxBytes []
static const char kCssImageInlineMaxBytes []
static const char kCssInlineMaxBytes []
static const char kCssOutlineMinBytes []
static const char kCssPreserveURLs []
static const char kDefaultCacheHtml []
static const char kDisableBackgroundFetchesForBots []
static const char kDisableRewriteOnNoTransform []
static const char kDomainRewriteCookies []
static const char kDomainRewriteHyperlinks []
static const char kDomainShardCount []
static const char kDownstreamCachePurgeMethod []
static const char kDownstreamCacheRebeaconingKey []
static const char kDownstreamCacheRewrittenPercentageThreshold []
static const char kEnableAggressiveRewritersForMobile []
static const char kEnableCachePurge []
static const char kEnableDeferJsExperimental []
static const char kEnableExtendedInstrumentation []
static const char kEnableLazyLoadHighResImages []
static const char kEnablePrioritizingScripts []
static const char kEnabled []
static const char kEnrollExperiment []
static const char kExperimentCookieDurationMs []
static const char kExperimentSlot []
static const char kFetcherTimeOutMs []
static const char kFinderPropertiesCacheExpirationTimeMs []
static const char kFinderPropertiesCacheRefreshTimeMs []
static const char kFlushBufferLimitBytes []
static const char kFlushHtml []
static const char kFollowFlushes []
static const char kGoogleFontCssInlineMaxBytes []
static const char kForbidAllDisabledFilters []
static const char kHideRefererUsingMeta []
static const char kHttpCacheCompressionLevel []
static const char kHonorCsp []
static const char kIdleFlushTimeMs []
static const char kImageInlineMaxBytes []
static const char kImageJpegNumProgressiveScans []
static const char kImageJpegNumProgressiveScansForSmallScreens []
static const char kImageJpegQualityForSaveData []
static const char kImageJpegRecompressionQuality []
static const char kImageJpegRecompressionQualityForSmallScreens []
static const char kImageLimitOptimizedPercent []
static const char kImageLimitRenderedAreaPercent []
static const char kImageLimitResizeAreaPercent []
static const char kImageMaxRewritesAtOnce []
static const char kImagePreserveURLs []
static const char kImageRecompressionQuality []
static const char kImageResolutionLimitBytes []
static const char kImageWebpQualityForSaveData []
static const char kImageWebpRecompressionQuality []
static const char kImageWebpRecompressionQualityForSmallScreens []
static const char kImageWebpAnimatedRecompressionQuality []
static const char kImageWebpTimeoutMs []
static const char kImplicitCacheTtlMs []
static const char kIncreaseSpeedTracking []
static const char kInlineOnlyCriticalImages []
static const char kInPlacePreemptiveRewriteCss []
static const char kInPlacePreemptiveRewriteCssImages []
static const char kInPlacePreemptiveRewriteImages []
static const char kInPlacePreemptiveRewriteJavascript []
static const char kInPlaceResourceOptimization []
static const char kInPlaceRewriteDeadlineMs []
static const char kInPlaceSMaxAgeSec []
static const char kInPlaceWaitForOptimized []
static const char kJsInlineMaxBytes []
static const char kJsOutlineMinBytes []
static const char kJsPreserveURLs []
static const char kLazyloadImagesAfterOnload []
static const char kLazyloadImagesBlankUrl []
static const char kLoadFromFileCacheTtlMs []
static const char kLogBackgroundRewrite []
static const char kLogMobilizationSamples []
static const char kLogRewriteTiming []
static const char kLogUrlIndices []
static const char kLowercaseHtmlNames []
static const char kMaxCacheableResponseContentLength []
static const char kMaxCombinedCssBytes []
static const char kMaxCombinedJsBytes []
static const char kMaxHtmlCacheTimeMs []
static const char kMaxHtmlParseBytes []
static const char kMaxImageSizeLowResolutionBytes []
static const char kMaxInlinedPreviewImagesIndex []
static const char kMaxLowResImageSizeBytes []
static const char kMaxLowResToHighResImageSizePercentage []
static const char kMaxRewriteInfoLogSize []
static const char kMaxUrlSegmentSize []
static const char kMaxUrlSize []
static const char kMetadataCacheStalenessThresholdMs []
static const char kMinImageSizeLowResolutionBytes []
static const char kMinResourceCacheTimeToRewriteMs []
static const char kModifyCachingHeaders []
static const char kNoop []
static const char kNoTransformOptimizedImages []
static const char kNonCacheablesForCachePartialHtml []
static const char kObliviousPagespeedUrls []
static const char kOptionCookiesDurationMs []
static const char kOverrideCachingTtlMs []
static const char kPreserveSubresourceHints []
static const char kPreserveUrlRelativity []
static const char kPrivateNotVaryForIE []
static const char kProactiveResourceFreshening []
static const char kProactivelyFreshenUserFacingRequest []
static const char kProgressiveJpegMinBytes []
static const char kPubliclyCacheMismatchedHashesExperimental []
static const char kRejectBlacklistedStatusCode []
static const char kRejectBlacklisted []
static const char kRemoteConfigurationTimeoutMs []
static const char kRemoteConfigurationUrl []
static const char kReportUnloadTime []
static const char kRequestOptionOverride []
static const char kRespectVary []
static const char kRespectXForwardedProto []
static const char kResponsiveImageDensities []
static const char kRewriteDeadlineMs []
static const char kRewriteLevel []
static const char kRewriteRandomDropPercentage []
static const char kRewriteUncacheableResources []
static const char kRunningExperiment []
static const char kServeStaleIfFetchError []
static const char kServeStaleWhileRevalidateThresholdSec []
static const char kServeXhrAccessControlHeaders []
static const char kStickyQueryParameters []
static const char kSupportNoScriptEnabled []
static const char kTestOnlyPrioritizeCriticalCssDontApplyOriginalCss []
static const char kUrlSigningKey []
static const char kUseAnalyticsJs []
static const char kUseBlankImageForInlinePreview []
static const char kUseExperimentalJsMinifier []
static const char kUseFallbackPropertyCacheValues []
static const char kUseImageScanlineApi []
static const char kXModPagespeedHeaderValue []
static const char kXPsaBlockingRewrite []
static const char kAllow []
 Options that require special handling, e.g. non-scalar values.
static const char kBlockingRewriteRefererUrls []
static const char kDisableFilters []
static const char kDisallow []
static const char kDomain []
static const char kDownstreamCachePurgeLocationPrefix []
static const char kEnableFilters []
static const char kExperimentVariable []
static const char kExperimentSpec []
static const char kForbidFilters []
static const char kInlineResourcesWithoutExplicitAuthorization []
static const char kRetainComment []
static const char kPermitIdsForCssCombining []
static const char kAddResourceHeader []
 2-argument ones:
static const char kCustomFetchHeader []
static const char kLoadFromFile []
static const char kLoadFromFileMatch []
static const char kLoadFromFileRule []
static const char kLoadFromFileRuleMatch []
static const char kMapOriginDomain []
static const char kMapProxyDomain []
static const char kMapRewriteDomain []
static const char kShardDomain []
static const char kLibrary []
 3-argument ones:
static const char kUrlValuedAttribute []
static const char kCacheFlushFilename []
static const char kCacheFlushPollIntervalSec []
static const char kCompressMetadataCache []
static const char kFetcherProxy []
static const char kFetchHttps []
static const char kFileCacheCleanInodeLimit []
static const char kFileCacheCleanIntervalMs []
static const char kFileCacheCleanSizeKb []
static const char kFileCachePath []
static const char kLogDir []
static const char kLruCacheByteLimit []
static const char kLruCacheKbPerProcess []
static const char kMemcachedServers []
static const char kMemcachedThreads []
static const char kMemcachedTimeoutUs []
static const char kProxySuffix []
static const char kRateLimitBackgroundFetches []
static const char kServeWebpToAnyAgent []
static const char kSlurpDirectory []
static const char kSlurpFlushLimit []
static const char kSlurpReadOnly []
static const char kSslCertDirectory []
static const char kSslCertFile []
static const char kStatisticsEnabled []
static const char kStatisticsLoggingChartsCSS []
static const char kStatisticsLoggingChartsJS []
static const char kStatisticsLoggingEnabled []
static const char kStatisticsLoggingIntervalMs []
static const char kStatisticsLoggingMaxFileSizeKb []
static const char kTestProxy []
static const char kTestProxySlurp []
static const char kUseSharedMemLocking []
static const char kNullOption []
 The option name you have when you don't have an option name.
static const int kOptionsVersion = 14
static const int kHashBytes = 20
 Number of bytes used for signature hashing.
static const int kCachePurgeBytes = 25000
 Number of bytes capacity in the URL invalidation set.
static const char kCacheExtenderId []
static const char kCssCombinerId []
static const char kCssFilterId []
static const char kCssImportFlattenerId []
static const char kCssInlineId []
static const char kGoogleFontCssInlineId []
static const char kImageCombineId []
static const char kImageCompressionId []
static const char kInPlaceRewriteId []
static const char kJavascriptCombinerId []
static const char kJavascriptInlineId []
static const char kJavascriptMinId []
static const char kJavascriptMinSourceMapId []
static const char kLocalStorageCacheId []
static const char kPrioritizeCriticalCssId []
static const Filter kFirstFilter = kAddBaseTag
 Used for enumerating over all entries in the Filter enum.
static const char kDefaultAllowVaryOn []
static const int kDefaultBeaconReinstrumentTimeSec
static const int64 kDefaultCssFlattenMaxBytes
static const int64 kDefaultCssImageInlineMaxBytes
static const int64 kDefaultCssInlineMaxBytes
static const int64 kDefaultCssOutlineMinBytes
static const int64 kDefaultGoogleFontCssInlineMaxBytes
static const int64 kDefaultImageInlineMaxBytes
static const int64 kDefaultJsInlineMaxBytes
static const int64 kDefaultJsOutlineMinBytes
static const int64 kDefaultProgressiveJpegMinBytes
static const int64 kDefaultMaxCacheableResponseContentLength
static const int64 kDefaultMaxHtmlCacheTimeMs
static const int64 kDefaultMaxHtmlParseBytes
static const int64 kDefaultMaxLowResImageSizeBytes
static const int kDefaultMaxLowResToFullResImageSizePercentage
static const int64 kDefaultMetadataInputErrorsCacheTtlMs
static const int64 kDefaultMinResourceCacheTimeToRewriteMs
static const char kDefaultDownstreamCachePurgeMethod []
static const int64 kDefaultDownstreamCacheRewrittenPercentageThreshold
static const int64 kDefaultIdleFlushTimeMs
static const int64 kDefaultFlushBufferLimitBytes
static const int64 kDefaultImplicitCacheTtlMs
static const int64 kDefaultPrioritizeVisibleContentCacheTimeMs
static const char kDefaultBeaconUrl []
static const int64 kDefaultImageRecompressQuality
static const int64 kDefaultImageJpegQualityForSaveData
static const int64 kDefaultImageJpegRecompressQuality
static const int64 kDefaultImageJpegRecompressQualityForSmallScreens
static const int kDefaultImageLimitOptimizedPercent
static const int kDefaultImageLimitRenderedAreaPercent
static const int kDefaultImageLimitResizeAreaPercent
static const int64 kDefaultImageResolutionLimitBytes
static const int64 kDefaultImageJpegNumProgressiveScans
static const int64 kDefaultImageWebpQualityForSaveData
static const int64 kDefaultImageWebpRecompressQuality
static const int64 kDefaultImageWebpAnimatedRecompressQuality
static const int64 kDefaultImageWebpRecompressQualityForSmallScreens
static const int64 kDefaultImageWebpTimeoutMs
static const int kDefaultDomainShardCount
static const int64 kDefaultOptionCookiesDurationMs
static const int64 kDefaultLoadFromFileCacheTtlMs
static const double kDefaultResponsiveImageDensities []
static const int kDefaultMaxUrlSize
static const int kDefaultImageMaxRewritesAtOnce
static const int kDefaultMaxUrlSegmentSize
static const int kDefaultRewriteDeadlineMs
 Default time to wait for rewrite before returning original resource.
static const int kDefaultMaxInlinedPreviewImagesIndex
static const int64 kDefaultMinImageSizeLowResolutionBytes
static const int64 kDefaultMaxImageSizeLowResolutionBytes
static const int64 kDefaultFinderPropertiesCacheExpirationTimeMs
 Default cache expiration value for finder properties in pcache.
static const int64 kDefaultFinderPropertiesCacheRefreshTimeMs
 Default cache refresh value for finder properties in pcache.
static const int64 kDefaultExperimentCookieDurationMs
static const int64 kDefaultMetadataCacheStalenessThresholdMs
static const int64 kDefaultMaxCombinedCssBytes
 Default maximum size of the combined CSS resource.
static const int64 kDefaultMaxCombinedJsBytes
 Default maximum size of the combined js resource generated by JsCombiner.
static const int kDefaultExperimentTrafficPercent
static const int kDefaultExperimentSlot
 Default Custom Variable slot in which to put Experiment information.
static const char kDefaultBlockingRewriteKey []
static const char kRejectedRequestUrlKeyName []
static const int kDefaultPropertyCacheHttpStatusStabilityThreshold
static const int kDefaultMaxRewriteInfoLogSize
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
void set_option_at (int index, OptionBase *option)
template<class T >
void set_option (const T &new_value, OptionTemplateBase< T > *option)
void Modify ()
 Marks the config as modified.
void set_default_x_header_value (StringPiece x_header_value)
bool SetupExperimentRewriters ()
virtual void SetRequiredExperimentFilters ()
 Enables filters needed by Experiment regardless of experiment.
bool InsertExperimentSpecInVector (ExperimentSpec *spec)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
template<class RewriteOptionsSubclass , class OptionClass >
static void AddProperty (typename OptionClass::ValueType default_value, OptionClass RewriteOptionsSubclass::*offset, const char *id, StringPiece option_name, OptionScope scope, const char *help_text, bool safe_to_print, Properties *properties)
 Adds a new Property to 'properties' (the last argument).
static void AddDeprecatedProperty (StringPiece option_name, OptionScope scope)
static void MergeSubclassProperties (Properties *properties)
- Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::RewriteOptions
Option< BeaconUrlbeacon_url_
 Protected option values so that derived class can modify.
Option< GoogleStringx_header_value_
 The value we put for the X-Mod-Pagespeed header. Default is our version.

Detailed Description

Establishes a context for VirtualHosts and directory-scoped options, either via .htaccess or <Directory>...</Directory>.

Member Function Documentation

static const ApacheConfig* net_instaweb::ApacheConfig::DynamicCast ( const RewriteOptions instance)

Returns a suitably down cast version of 'instance' if it is an instance of this class, NULL if not.

bool net_instaweb::ApacheConfig::GetProxyAuth ( StringPiece *  name,
StringPiece *  value,
StringPiece *  redirect 
) const

Gets proxy authentication settings from the config file. Returns true if any settings were found, populating *name. *value and *redirect will be non-empty if specified in the config file.

void net_instaweb::ApacheConfig::Merge ( const RewriteOptions src)

Merge src into 'this'. Generally, options that are explicitly set in src will override those explicitly set in 'this' (except that filters forbidden in 'this' cannot be enabled by 'src'), although option Merge implementations can be redefined by specific Option class implementations (e.g. OptionInt64MergeWithMax). One semantic subject to interpretation is when a core-filter is disabled in the first set and not in the second. My judgement is that the 'disable' from 'this' should override the core-set membership in the 'src', but not an 'enable' in the 'src'.

You can make an exact duplicate of RewriteOptions object 'src' via (new 'typeof src')->Merge(src), aka Clone().

Merge expects that 'src' and 'this' are the same type. If that's not true, this function will DCHECK.

Reimplemented from net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions.

GoogleString net_instaweb::ApacheConfig::SubclassSignatureLockHeld ( )

If you subclass RewriteOptions and store any configuration data that's not an Option, use this hook to include the signature of your additional data.

Reimplemented from net_instaweb::SystemRewriteOptions.

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