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net_instaweb::JavascriptLibraryIdentification Class Reference

#include "javascript_library_identification.h"

Public Types

typedef uint64 SizeInBytes

Public Member Functions

bool empty () const
bool RegisterLibrary (SizeInBytes bytes, StringPiece md5_hash, StringPiece canonical_url)
StringPiece Find (StringPiece minified_code) const
void Merge (const JavascriptLibraryIdentification &src)
 Merge libraries recognized by src into this one.
void AppendSignature (GoogleString *signature) const
 Append a signature for the libraries recognized to *signature.

Static Public Attributes

static const int kNumHashChars = (126 + 5) / 6
 >=126 bits in base64

Detailed Description

Holds the data necessary to identify the canonical urls of a set of known javascript libraries. We identify a library as "known" on the basis of its minified size in bytes and the web64-encoded md5 hash of its minified code. Minification allows us to tolerate changes in whitespace and the mix of minified and unminified versions of library code one sees served in the wild.

Member Function Documentation

StringPiece net_instaweb::JavascriptLibraryIdentification::Find ( StringPiece  minified_code) const

Find canonical url of library; empty string if none. Storage for url is owned by the JavascriptLibraryIdentification object.

bool net_instaweb::JavascriptLibraryIdentification::RegisterLibrary ( SizeInBytes  bytes,
StringPiece  md5_hash,
StringPiece  canonical_url 

Register a library for recognition. False indicates badly-formed hash or url.

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