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net_instaweb::UsageDataReporter Class Reference

#include "usage_data_reporter.h"

Public Member Functions

virtual void ReportCsiBeacon (const GoogleUrl &url)
virtual void ReportResponseData (const GoogleUrl &url, int32 response_code, const GoogleString &reason_phrase, const ContentType *content_type, int64 time_taken, const GoogleString &ip, const GoogleString &user_agent)
 Reports all useful response data.
virtual void ReportFetchErrors (const GoogleString &host, const GoogleString &url, int32 error_code, const StringPiece &fetch_error)
 Reports fetch errors.
virtual void ReportWarning (const GoogleUrl &url, int32 warning_code, const StringPiece &warning_message)
 Report a warning.
virtual void ReportBandwidth (int64 project_id, const GoogleUrl &url, int64 bandwidth, StringPiece referer)
 Report bandwidth.

Detailed Description

General interface for reporting usage data such as page load time, error response codes, various rewriter warnings. Default implementation ignores all reports, other implementations may do things like aggregate the top 10 most common error URls, etc.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void net_instaweb::UsageDataReporter::ReportCsiBeacon ( const GoogleUrl url)

Reports client-side instrumentation beacon. The mod_pagespeed beacons are of the form: Implementation must parse the URL and extract interesting information.

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