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net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestTemplate< ConcreteTestEnv > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestTemplate< ConcreteTestEnv >:
net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestBase net_instaweb::CacheTestBase

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestBase
typedef void(SharedMemCacheTestBase::* TestMethod )()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestBase
 SharedMemCacheTestBase (SharedMemTestEnv *test_env)
virtual void TearDown ()
virtual SharedMemCache
< kBlockSize > * 
Cache ()
virtual void SanityCheck ()
void TestBasic ()
void TestReinsert ()
void TestReplacement ()
void TestReaderWriter ()
void TestConflict ()
void TestEvict ()
void TestSnapshot ()
void TestRegisterSnapshotFileCache ()
void TestCheckpointAndRestore ()
void ResetCache ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::CacheTestBase
virtual CallbackNewCallback ()
virtual void PostOpCleanup ()
void CheckGet (const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &expected_value)
void CheckGet (CacheInterface *cache, const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &expected_value)
 As above, but specifies which cache to use.
void CheckPut (const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &value)
 Writes a value into the cache.
void CheckPut (CacheInterface *cache, const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &value)
void CheckDelete (const GoogleString &key)
void CheckNotFound (const char *key)
 Performs a Get and verifies that the key is not found.
void CheckNotFound (CacheInterface *cache, const char *key)
CallbackAddCallback ()
void WaitAndCheck (Callback *callback, const GoogleString &expected_value)
void WaitAndCheckNotFound (Callback *callback)
void IssueMultiGet (Callback *c0, const GoogleString &key0, Callback *c1, const GoogleString &key1, Callback *c2, const GoogleString &key2)
void TestMultiGet ()
void PopulateCache (int num)
void set_invalid_value (const char *v)
void set_invalid_key (const char *k)
CallbackInitiateGet (const GoogleString &key)
CallbackInitiateGet (CacheInterface *cache, const GoogleString &key)
void set_mutex (AbstractMutex *mutex)
 Sets the mutex used to protect outstanding_fetches_.
int outstanding_fetches ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestBase
static const int kBlockSize = 512

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