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net_instaweb::CacheTestBase Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::CacheTestBase:
net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestBase net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheTestTemplate< ConcreteTestEnv >


class  Callback

Protected Member Functions

virtual CallbackNewCallback ()
virtual CacheInterfaceCache ()=0
virtual void PostOpCleanup ()
void CheckGet (const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &expected_value)
void CheckGet (CacheInterface *cache, const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &expected_value)
 As above, but specifies which cache to use.
void CheckPut (const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &value)
 Writes a value into the cache.
void CheckPut (CacheInterface *cache, const GoogleString &key, const GoogleString &value)
void CheckDelete (const GoogleString &key)
void CheckNotFound (const char *key)
 Performs a Get and verifies that the key is not found.
void CheckNotFound (CacheInterface *cache, const char *key)
CallbackAddCallback ()
void WaitAndCheck (Callback *callback, const GoogleString &expected_value)
void WaitAndCheckNotFound (Callback *callback)
void IssueMultiGet (Callback *c0, const GoogleString &key0, Callback *c1, const GoogleString &key1, Callback *c2, const GoogleString &key2)
void TestMultiGet ()
void PopulateCache (int num)
void set_invalid_value (const char *v)
void set_invalid_key (const char *k)
CallbackInitiateGet (const GoogleString &key)
CallbackInitiateGet (CacheInterface *cache, const GoogleString &key)
void set_mutex (AbstractMutex *mutex)
 Sets the mutex used to protect outstanding_fetches_.
int outstanding_fetches ()

Member Function Documentation

Callback* net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::AddCallback ( )

Adds a new callback to the callback-array, returning a Callback* that can then be passed to WaitAndCheck and WaitAndCheckNotFound.

void net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::CheckGet ( const GoogleString key,
const GoogleString expected_value 

Performs a cache Get, waits for callback completion, and checks the result is as expected.

Callback* net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::InitiateGet ( const GoogleString key)

Initiate a cache Get, and return the Callback* which can be passed to WaitAndCheck or WaitAndCheckNotFound.

virtual Callback* net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::NewCallback ( )

Allocates a callback structure. The default Callback structure has an empty implementation of Wait().

int net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::outstanding_fetches ( )

Returns the number of outstanding Get requests. The return value makes sense only if the cache system is quiescent.

void net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::PopulateCache ( int  num)

Populates the cache with keys in pattern n0 n1 n2 n3... and values in pattern v0 v1 v2 v3...

virtual void net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::PostOpCleanup ( )

Optional method that can be specified by a test subclass to specify an operation that should be performed after Get or Put.

void net_instaweb::CacheTestBase::WaitAndCheck ( Callback callback,
const GoogleString expected_value 

noop_wait_called_ means the callback hasn't overridden Wait() so Callback's do-nothing method was called; if that's the case, then we expect the cache to be blocking, and we expect the Get() call to have invoked Done() before the do-nothing Wait(). Since we can't know which version of Wait() was called before calling it, we use the value of called() as noted by the do-nothing Wait().

We'd like to test this but it's valid for a CacheInterface to report that it is not blocking even though it actually is (or can be). DelayCache is an example. EXPECT_TRUE(Cache()->IsBlocking());

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