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net_instaweb::ProxyFetchPropertyCallback Class Reference

#include "proxy_fetch.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::ProxyFetchPropertyCallback:
net_instaweb::PropertyPage net_instaweb::AbstractPropertyPage

Public Member Functions

 ProxyFetchPropertyCallback (PageType page_type, PropertyCache *property_cache, const StringPiece &url, const StringPiece &options_signature_hash, UserAgentMatcher::DeviceType device_type, ProxyFetchPropertyCallbackCollector *collector, AbstractMutex *mutex)
PageType page_type () const
virtual bool IsCacheValid (int64 write_timestamp_ms) const
 Delegates to collector_'s IsCacheValid.
virtual void Done (bool success)
 Called as a result of PropertyCache::Read when the data is available.
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::PropertyPage
virtual PropertyValueGetProperty (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name)
virtual void UpdateValue (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name, const StringPiece &value)
virtual void WriteCohort (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort)
CacheInterface::KeyState GetCacheState (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort)
void SetCacheState (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, CacheInterface::KeyState x)
void DeleteProperty (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name)
AbstractLogRecordlog_record ()
void Read (const PropertyCache::CohortVector &cohort_list)
 Read the property page from cache.
void Abort ()
 Abort the reading of PropertyPage.
void AddValueFromProtobuf (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const PropertyValueProtobuf &proto)
 Populate PropertyCacheValues to the respective cohort in PropertyPage.
PageType page_type ()
 Returns the type of the page.
bool IsCohortPresent (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort)
 Returns true if cohort present in the PropertyPage.
void FastFinishLookup ()
bool EncodePropertyCacheValues (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, PropertyCacheValues *values)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from net_instaweb::PropertyPage
enum  PageType { kPropertyCachePage, kPropertyCacheFallbackPage, kPropertyCachePerOriginPage }
 The cache type associated with this callback.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::PropertyPage
static StringPiece PageTypeSuffix (PageType type)
 Suffix for property cache keys for given page type.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::PropertyPage
 PropertyPage (PageType page_type, StringPiece url, StringPiece options_signature_hash, StringPiece cache_key_suffix, const RequestContextPtr &request_context, AbstractMutex *mutex, PropertyCache *property_cache)

Detailed Description

Tracks a single property-cache lookup. These lookups are initiated immediately upon handling the request, in parallel with determining domain-specific RewriteOptions and fetching the HTTP headers for the HTML.

Request handling can proceed in parallel with the property-cache lookups, including RewriteOptions lookup and initiating the HTTP fetch. However, handling incoming bytes will be blocked waiting for property-cache lookups to complete.

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