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net_instaweb::PropertyValue Class Reference

Holds the value & stability-metadata for a property. More...

#include "property_cache.h"

Public Member Functions

StringPiece value () const
bool has_value () const
int64 write_timestamp_ms () const
bool was_read ()
bool IsStable (int stable_hit_per_thousand_threshold) const
bool IsRecentlyConstant (int num_writes_unchanged) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsIndexOfLeastSetBitSmaller (uint64 value, int index)


class PropertyCache
class PropertyPage

Detailed Description

Holds the value & stability-metadata for a property.

Member Function Documentation

static bool net_instaweb::PropertyValue::IsIndexOfLeastSetBitSmaller ( uint64  value,
int  index 

Returns true if the index of least set bit for value is less than given index. The results are undefined when index is > 64.

bool net_instaweb::PropertyValue::IsRecentlyConstant ( int  num_writes_unchanged) const

Returns true if the value has not changed for last num_writes_unchanged writes and false otherwise.

bool net_instaweb::PropertyValue::IsStable ( int  stable_hit_per_thousand_threshold) const

Determines whether this property is sufficiently stable to be considered useful. E.g. if 30% of the time a property is wrong, then it probably cannot be relied upon for making optimization decisions.

bool net_instaweb::PropertyValue::was_read ( )

Determines whether a read was completed. Thus was_read() can be true even if !has_value().

int64 net_instaweb::PropertyValue::write_timestamp_ms ( ) const

The timestamp of the last time this data was written (in milliseconds since 1970).

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