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net_instaweb::OutputResource Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::OutputResource:
net_instaweb::Resource net_instaweb::RefCounted< Resource > net_instaweb::InlineOutputResource

Public Member Functions

 OutputResource (const RewriteDriver *driver, StringPiece resolved_base, StringPiece unmapped_base, StringPiece original_base, const ResourceNamer &resource_id, OutputResourceKind kind)
virtual void LoadAndCallback (NotCacheablePolicy not_cacheable_policy, const RequestContextPtr &request_context, AsyncCallback *callback)
virtual GoogleString url () const
GoogleString UrlEvenIfHashNotSet ()
void DumpToDisk (MessageHandler *handler)
void UpdateCachedResultPreservingInputInfo (CachedResult *to_update) const
virtual GoogleString name_key () const
GoogleString HttpCacheKey () const
const GoogleStringresolved_base () const
const GoogleStringunmapped_base () const
const GoogleStringoriginal_base () const
const ResourceNamerfull_name () const
ResourceNamermutable_full_name ()
StringPiece name () const
StringPiece experiment () const
StringPiece suffix () const
StringPiece filter_prefix () const
StringPiece hash () const
StringPiece signature () const
bool has_hash () const
void clear_hash ()
GoogleString decoded_base () const
bool IsWritten () const
virtual void SetType (const ContentType *type)
 Sets the type of the output resource, and thus also its suffix.
const CachedResult * cached_result () const
CachedResult * EnsureCachedResultCreated ()
void clear_cached_result ()
void set_cached_result (CachedResult *cached_result)
OutputResourceKind kind () const
void SetWritten (bool written)
 This is called by CacheCallback::Done in
virtual const RewriteOptionsrewrite_options () const
WriterBeginWrite (MessageHandler *message_handler)
void EndWrite (MessageHandler *message_handler)
virtual bool UseHttpCache () const
const GoogleStringcache_control_suffix () const
void set_cache_control_suffix (const GoogleString &x)
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::Resource
 Resource (const RewriteDriver *driver, const ContentType *type)
ServerContextserver_context () const
 Common methods across all deriviations.
virtual bool IsValidAndCacheable () const
bool is_authorized_domain ()
void set_is_authorized_domain (bool is_authorized)
bool IsSafeToRewrite (bool rewrite_uncacheable, GoogleString *reason) const
bool IsSafeToRewrite (bool rewrite_uncacheable) const
bool loaded () const
bool HttpStatusOk () const
void LoadAsync (NotCacheablePolicy not_cacheable_policy, const RequestContextPtr &request_context, AsyncCallback *callback)
virtual void RefreshIfImminentlyExpiring ()
GoogleString ContentsHash () const
void AddInputInfoToPartition (HashHint suggest_include_content_hash, int index, CachedResult *partition)
virtual void FillInPartitionInputInfo (HashHint suggest_include_content_hash, InputInfo *input)
void FillInPartitionInputInfoFromResponseHeaders (const ResponseHeaders &headers, InputInfo *input)
int64 CacheExpirationTimeMs () const
StringPiece ExtractUncompressedContents () const
size_t UncompressedContentsSize () const
StringPiece raw_contents () const
ResponseHeadersresponse_headers ()
const ResponseHeadersresponse_headers () const
const ContentTypetype () const
bool IsContentsEmpty () const
StringPiece charset () const
 Note: this is empty if the header is not specified.
void set_charset (StringPiece c)
virtual bool has_url () const
virtual GoogleString UrlForDebug () const
 Override if resource does not have a URL.
virtual GoogleString cache_key () const
void DetermineContentType ()
bool Link (HTTPValue *source, MessageHandler *handler)
virtual void Freshen (FreshenCallback *callback, MessageHandler *handler)
void LinkFallbackValue (HTTPValue *value)
 Links the stale fallback value that can be used in case a fetch fails.
void set_is_background_fetch (bool x)
bool is_background_fetch () const
FetchResponseStatus fetch_response_status ()
void set_fetch_response_status (FetchResponseStatus x)
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RefCounted< Resource >
void Release ()
void AddRef ()
bool HasOneRef ()

Protected Member Functions

- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::Resource
void set_enable_cache_purge (bool x)
ResponseHeaders::VaryOption respect_vary () const
void set_respect_vary (ResponseHeaders::VaryOption x)
void set_proactive_resource_freshening (bool x)
void set_disable_rewrite_on_no_transform (bool x)


class RewriteDriver
class ServerContext
class ServerContextTest

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from net_instaweb::Resource
enum  HashHint { kOmitInputHash, kIncludeInputHash }
enum  NotCacheablePolicy { kLoadEvenIfNotCacheable, kReportFailureIfNotCacheable }
- Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::Resource
const ContentTypetype_
GoogleString charset_
HTTPValue value_
 contains contents and meta-data
ResponseHeaders response_headers_
HTTPValue fallback_value_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net_instaweb::OutputResource::OutputResource ( const RewriteDriver driver,
StringPiece  resolved_base,
StringPiece  unmapped_base,
StringPiece  original_base,
const ResourceNamer resource_id,
OutputResourceKind  kind 

Construct an OutputResource. For the moment, we pass in type redundantly even though full_name embeds an extension. This reflects current code structure rather than a principled stand on anything.

TODO(jmaessen): remove redundancy.

The 'options' argument can be NULL. This is done in the Fetch path because that field is only used for domain sharding, and during the fetch, further domain makes no sense.

original_baseaka source domain
resource_idaka cnamed domain

Member Function Documentation

Writer* net_instaweb::OutputResource::BeginWrite ( MessageHandler message_handler)

Interface for directly setting the value of the resource. It must not have been set otherwise! The return value of BeginWrite is owned by this OutputResource.

const GoogleString& net_instaweb::OutputResource::cache_control_suffix ( ) const

Extra suffix to be added to Cache-Control in the response headers when serving the response. E.g. a filter might want to set no-transform on its output.

const CachedResult* net_instaweb::OutputResource::cached_result ( ) const

Whenever output resources are created via RewriteDriver (except DecodeOutputResource) it looks up cached information on any previous creation of that resource, including the full filename and any filter-specific metadata. If such information is available, this method will return non-NULL.

Note: cached_result() will also be non-NULL if you explicitly create the result from a filter by calling EnsureCachedResultCreated()

The output is const because we do not check that the CachedResult has not been written. If you want to modify the CachedResult, use EnsureCachedResultCreated instead.

GoogleString net_instaweb::OutputResource::decoded_base ( ) const

Some output resources have mangled names derived from input resource(s), such as when combining CSS files. When we need to regenerate the output resource given just its URL we need to convert the URL back to its constituent input resource URLs. Our url() method can return a modified version of the input resources' host and path if our resource manager has a non-standard url_namer(), so when trying to regenerate the input resources' URL we need to reverse that modification. Note that the default UrlNamer class doesn't do any modification, and that the decoding of the leaf names is done separetly by the UrlMultipartEncoder class.

void net_instaweb::OutputResource::DumpToDisk ( MessageHandler handler)

Save resource contents to disk, for testing and debugging purposes. Precondition: the resource contents must be fully set. The resource will be saved under the resource manager's filename_prefix() using with URL escaped using its filename_encoder().

CachedResult* net_instaweb::OutputResource::EnsureCachedResultCreated ( )

If there is no cached output information, creates an empty one, without any information filled in (so no url(), or timestamps).

The primary use of this method is to let filters store any metadata they want before calling RewriteDriver::Write. This never returns null. We will DCHECK that the cached result has not been written.

GoogleString net_instaweb::OutputResource::HttpCacheKey ( ) const

Builds a canonical URL in a form for use with the HTTP cache. The DomainLawyer from options is used to find the proper domain in case there is a fetch for the unsharded form, or the wrong shard.

For example, if you have a resource styles.css ModPagespeedMapRewriteDomain master alias ModPagespeedShardDomain master shard1,shard2 then all HTTP cache puts/gets will use the key "http://master/style.css", which can be obtained from an output resource using this method.

bool net_instaweb::OutputResource::IsWritten ( ) const

In a scalable installation where the sprites must be kept in a database, we cannot serve HTML that references new resources that have not been committed yet, and committing to a database may take too long to block on the HTML rewrite. So we will want to refactor this to check to see whether the desired resource is already known. For now we'll assume we can commit to serving the resource during the HTML rewriter.

virtual void net_instaweb::OutputResource::LoadAndCallback ( NotCacheablePolicy  not_cacheable_policy,
const RequestContextPtr request_context,
AsyncCallback callback 

Load the resource asynchronously, storing ResponseHeaders and contents in object. Calls 'callback' when finished. The ResourcePtr used to construct 'callback' must be the same as the resource used to invoke this method.

Setting not_cacheable_policy to kLoadEvenIfNotCacheable will permit it to consider loading to be successful on Cache-Control:private and Cache-Control:no-cache resources. It should not affect /whether/ the callback gets involved, only whether it gets true or false.

Implements net_instaweb::Resource.

virtual GoogleString net_instaweb::OutputResource::name_key ( ) const

The NameKey describes the source url and rewriter used, without hash and content type information. This is used to find previously-computed filter results whose output hash and content type is unknown. The full name of a resource is of the form path/prefix.encoded_resource_name.hash.extension we know prefix and name, but not the hash, and we don't always even have the extension, which might have changes as the result of, for example image optimization (e.g. gif->png). But We can "remember" the hash/extension for as long as the origin URL was cacheable. So we construct this as a key: path/prefix.encoded_resource_name and use that to map to the hash-code and extension. If we know the hash-code then we may also be able to look up the contents in the same cache.

void net_instaweb::OutputResource::set_cached_result ( CachedResult *  cached_result)

Sets the cached-result to an already-existing, externally owned buffer. We need to make sure not to free it on destruction.

void net_instaweb::OutputResource::UpdateCachedResultPreservingInputInfo ( CachedResult *  to_update) const

Update the passed in CachedResult from the CachedResult in this OutputResource.

virtual GoogleString net_instaweb::OutputResource::url ( ) const

NOTE: url() will crash if resource has does not have a hash set yet. Specifically, this will occur if the resource has not been completely written yet. Before that point, the final URL cannot be known.

Note: the OutputResource will never have a query string, even when ModPagespeedAddOptionsToUrls is on.

Implements net_instaweb::Resource.

Reimplemented in net_instaweb::InlineOutputResource.

GoogleString net_instaweb::OutputResource::UrlEvenIfHashNotSet ( )

Returns the same as url(), but with a spoofed hash in case no hash was set yet. Use this for error reporting, etc. where you do not know whether the output resource has a valid hash yet.

virtual bool net_instaweb::OutputResource::UseHttpCache ( ) const

Returns whether this type of resource should use the HTTP Cache. This method is based on properties of the class, not the resource itself, and helps short-circuit pointless cache lookups for file-based and data URLs.

Implements net_instaweb::Resource.

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