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net_instaweb::JavascriptRewriteConfig Class Reference

#include "javascript_code_block.h"

Public Member Functions

 JavascriptRewriteConfig (Statistics *statistics, bool minify, bool use_experimental_minifier, const JavascriptLibraryIdentification *identification, const pagespeed::js::JsTokenizerPatterns *js_tokenizer_patterns)
bool minify () const
 Whether to minify javascript output.
bool use_experimental_minifier () const
library_identification () const
js_tokenizer_patterns () const
Variableblocks_minified ()
Variablelibraries_identified ()
Variableminification_failures ()
Variabletotal_bytes_saved ()
Variabletotal_original_bytes ()
Variablenum_uses ()
Variablenum_reducing_uses ()
Variableminification_disabled ()
Variabledid_not_shrink ()
Variablefailed_to_write ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitStats (Statistics *statistics)

Static Public Attributes

static const char kBlocksMinified []
 Statistics names.
static const char kLibrariesIdentified []
static const char kMinificationFailures []
static const char kTotalBytesSaved []
static const char kTotalOriginalBytes []
static const char kMinifyUses []
static const char kNumReducingMinifications []
static const char kJSMinificationDisabled []
 Those are JS rewrite failure type statistics.
static const char kJSDidNotShrink []
static const char kJSFailedToWrite []

Detailed Description

Class wrapping up configuration information for javascript rewriting, in order to minimize footprint of later changes to javascript rewriting.

Member Function Documentation

bool net_instaweb::JavascriptRewriteConfig::use_experimental_minifier ( ) const

Whether to use the new JsTokenizer-based minifier.

TODO(sligocki): Once that minifier has been around for a while, we should deprecate this option.

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