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net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBase:

Protected Member Functions

virtual HtmlParsehtml_parse ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc
virtual bool AddBody () const =0
virtual bool AddHtmlTags () const
void SetDoctype (StringPiece directive)
virtual GoogleString AddHtmlBody (StringPiece html)
void ValidateNoChanges (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input)
void ValidateNoChangesFail (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input)
 Fail to ValidateNoChanges.
virtual void SetupWriter ()
void SetupWriter (scoped_ptr< HtmlWriterFilter > *html_writer_filter)
void Parse (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input)
 Parse html_input, the result is stored in output_buffer_. More...
virtual void ParseUrl (StringPiece url, StringPiece html_input)
 Parse given an explicit URL rather than an id to build URL around.
bool ValidateExpected (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input, StringPiece expected)
bool ValidateExpectedUrl (StringPiece url, StringPiece html_input, StringPiece expected)
 Same as ValidateExpected, but with an explicit URL rather than an id.
void ValidateExpectedFail (StringPiece case_id, StringPiece html_input, StringPiece expected)
 Fail to ValidateExpected.
const GoogleUrlhtml_gurl ()

Protected Attributes

HtmlParse html_parse_
- Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc
MockMessageHandler message_handler_
StringWriter write_to_string_
GoogleString output_buffer_
bool added_filter_
scoped_ptr< HtmlWriterFilterhtml_writer_filter_
GoogleString doctype_string_

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlParseTestBaseNoAlloc
static const char kTestDomain []
static const char kXhtmlDtd []
 DOCTYPE string for claiming XHTML.

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