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net_instaweb::HtmlParse Class Reference

#include "html_parse.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::HtmlParse:

Public Member Functions

 HtmlParse (MessageHandler *message_handler)
void AddFilter (HtmlFilter *filter)
 Application methods for parsing functions and adding filters. More...
bool StartParse (const StringPiece &url)
bool StartParseWithType (const StringPiece &url, const ContentType &content_type)
bool is_url_valid () const
 Returns whether the google_url() URL is valid.
virtual bool StartParseId (const StringPiece &url, const StringPiece &id, const ContentType &content_type)
void SetUrlForTesting (const StringPiece &url)
void ParseText (const char *content, int size)
void ParseText (const StringPiece &sp)
virtual void Flush ()
virtual void FinishParse ()
HtmlCdataNodeNewCdataNode (HtmlElement *parent, const StringPiece &contents)
 Utility methods for implementing filters. More...
HtmlCharactersNodeNewCharactersNode (HtmlElement *parent, const StringPiece &literal)
HtmlCommentNodeNewCommentNode (HtmlElement *parent, const StringPiece &contents)
HtmlDirectiveNodeNewDirectiveNode (HtmlElement *parent, const StringPiece &contents)
HtmlIEDirectiveNodeNewIEDirectiveNode (HtmlElement *parent, const StringPiece &contents)
void InsertScriptAfterCurrent (StringPiece text, bool external)
void InsertScriptBeforeCurrent (StringPiece text, bool external)
HtmlElementAppendAnchor (StringPiece link, StringPiece text, HtmlElement *parent)
void InsertNodeBeforeNode (const HtmlNode *existing_node, HtmlNode *new_node)
void InsertNodeAfterNode (const HtmlNode *existing_node, HtmlNode *new_node)
void InsertElementBeforeElement (const HtmlNode *existing_element, HtmlNode *new_element)
void InsertElementAfterElement (const HtmlNode *existing_element, HtmlNode *new_element)
void PrependChild (const HtmlElement *existing_parent, HtmlNode *new_child)
void AppendChild (const HtmlElement *existing_parent, HtmlNode *new_child)
void InsertNodeBeforeCurrent (HtmlNode *new_node)
void InsertNodeAfterCurrent (HtmlNode *new_node)
bool AddParentToSequence (HtmlNode *first, HtmlNode *last, HtmlElement *new_parent)
bool MoveCurrentInto (HtmlElement *new_parent)
bool MoveCurrentBefore (HtmlNode *existing_node)
bool DeleteNode (HtmlNode *node)
bool DeleteSavingChildren (HtmlElement *element)
bool MakeElementInvisible (HtmlElement *element)
bool HasChildrenInFlushWindow (HtmlElement *element)
bool ReplaceNode (HtmlNode *existing_node, HtmlNode *new_node)
HtmlElementCloneElement (HtmlElement *in_element)
HtmlElementNewElement (HtmlElement *parent, const StringPiece &str)
HtmlElementNewElement (HtmlElement *parent, HtmlName::Keyword keyword)
HtmlElementNewElement (HtmlElement *parent, const HtmlName &name)
void AddAttribute (HtmlElement *element, HtmlName::Keyword keyword, const StringPiece &value)
void AddAttribute (HtmlElement *element, StringPiece name, const StringPiece &value)
void AddEscapedAttribute (HtmlElement *element, HtmlName::Keyword keyword, const StringPiece &escaped_value)
void SetAttributeName (HtmlElement::Attribute *attribute, HtmlName::Keyword keyword)
HtmlName MakeName (const StringPiece &str)
HtmlName MakeName (HtmlName::Keyword keyword)
bool IsRewritable (const HtmlNode *node) const
bool CanAppendChild (const HtmlNode *node) const
void ClearElements ()
void DebugLogQueue ()
 Log the HtmlEvent queue_ to the message_handler_ for debugging.
void DebugPrintQueue ()
 Print the HtmlEvent queue_ to stdout for debugging.
bool IsImplicitlyClosedTag (HtmlName::Keyword keyword) const
bool IsOptionallyClosedTag (HtmlName::Keyword keyword) const
bool TagAllowsBriefTermination (HtmlName::Keyword keyword) const
 Determines whether a tag allows brief termination in HTML, e.g. <tag>
MessageHandlermessage_handler () const
const char * url () const
const GoogleUrlgoogle_url () const
 Gets a parsed GoogleUrl& corresponding to url().
const char * id () const
int line_number () const
GoogleString UrlLine () const
 Returns URL (or id) and line number as a string, to be used in messages.
const DocTypedoctype () const
void Info (const char *filename, int line, const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(4
 Interface for any caller to report an error message via the message handler.
void void Warning (const char *filename, int line, const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(4
void void void Error (const char *filename, int line, const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(4
void void void void FatalError (const char *filename, int line, const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(4
void void void void void InfoV (const char *file, int line, const char *msg, va_list args)
void WarningV (const char *file, int line, const char *msg, va_list args)
void ErrorV (const char *file, int line, const char *msg, va_list args)
void FatalErrorV (const char *file, int line, const char *msg, va_list args)
void InfoHere (const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
 Report error message with current parsing filename and linenumber.
void void WarningHere (const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void ErrorHere (const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void FatalErrorHere (const char *msg,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(2
void void void void void ShowProgress (const char *message)
void InfoHereV (const char *msg, va_list args)
void WarningHereV (const char *msg, va_list args)
void ErrorHereV (const char *msg, va_list args)
void FatalErrorHereV (const char *msg, va_list args)
void AddElement (HtmlElement *element, int line_number)
void CloseElement (HtmlElement *element, HtmlElement::Style style, int line_number)
void ApplyFilter (HtmlFilter *filter)
 Run a filter on the current queue of parse nodes.
void set_timer (Timer *timer)
Timertimer () const
void set_log_rewrite_timing (bool x)
void add_event_listener (HtmlFilter *listener)
bool InsertComment (StringPiece sp)
void set_size_limit (int64 x)
 Sets the limit on the maximum number of bytes that should be parsed.
bool size_limit_exceeded () const
 Returns whether we have exceeded the size limit.
void SetDynamicallyDisabledFilterList (StringVector *list)
void DeferCurrentNode ()
void RestoreDeferredNode (HtmlNode *deferred_node)
bool can_modify_urls ()
 Returns whether the filter pipeline can rewrite urls.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsLiteralTag (HtmlName::Keyword keyword)
static bool IsSometimesLiteralTag (HtmlName::Keyword keyword)

Protected Types

typedef std::vector< HtmlFilter * > FilterVector
typedef std::list< HtmlFilter * > FilterList
typedef std::pair< HtmlNode
*, HtmlEventList * > 
typedef std::map< const
HtmlNode *, HtmlEventList * > 
typedef std::map< HtmlFilter
*, DeferredNode > 
typedef std::set< const
HtmlNode * > 

Protected Member Functions

void BeginFinishParse ()
void EndFinishParse ()
void Clear ()
size_t GetEventQueueSize ()
 Returns the number of events on the event queue.
virtual void ParseTextInternal (const char *content, int size)
void DetermineFiltersBehavior ()
 Calls DetermineFiltersBehaviorImpl in an idempotent way.
void DetermineFilterListBehavior (const FilterList &list)
void CheckFilterBehavior (HtmlFilter *filter)
virtual void DetermineFiltersBehaviorImpl ()
void set_buffer_events (bool x)
void DisableFiltersInjectingScripts ()
void DisableFiltersInjectingScripts (const FilterList &filters)
 Same, but over a passed-in list of filters.


class HtmlLexer
 Implementation helper with detailed knowledge of html parsing libraries.
class HtmlTestingPeer
 Visible for testing only, via HtmlTestingPeer.

Detailed Description

Streaming Html Parser API. Callbacks defined in HtmlFilter are called on each parser token.

Any number of filters can be added to the Html Parser; they are organized in a chain. Each filter processes a stream of SAX events (HtmlEvent), interspersed by Flushes. The filter operates on the sequence of events between flushes (a flush-window), and the system passes the (possibly mutated) event-stream to the next filter.

An HTML Event is a lexical token provided by the parser, including: begin document end document begin element end element whitespace characters cdata comment

The parser retains the sequence of events as a data structure: list<HtmlEvent>. HtmlEvents are sent to filters (HtmlFilter), as follows: foreach filter in filter-chain foreach event in flush-window apply filter to event

Filters may mutate the event streams as they are being processed, and these mutations be seen by downstream filters. The filters can mutate any event that has not been flushed. Supported mutations include:

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::add_event_listener ( HtmlFilter listener)

Adds a filter to be called during parsing as new events are added. Takes ownership of the HtmlFilter passed in.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::AddAttribute ( HtmlElement element,
HtmlName::Keyword  keyword,
const StringPiece &  value 

For both versions of AddAttribute Pass in NULL for value to add an attribute with no value at all ex: <script data-pagespeed-no-transform>=""> Pass in "" for value if you want the value to be the empty string ex:

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::AddFilter ( HtmlFilter filter)

Application methods for parsing functions and adding filters.

Add a new html filter to the filter-chain, without taking ownership of it.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::AddParentToSequence ( HtmlNode first,
HtmlNode last,
HtmlElement new_parent 

Enclose element around two elements in a sequence. The first element must be the same as, or precede the last element in the event-stream, and this is not checked, but the two elements do not need to be adjacent. They must have the same parent to start with.

HtmlElement* net_instaweb::HtmlParse::AppendAnchor ( StringPiece  link,
StringPiece  text,
HtmlElement parent 

Creates and appends an Anchor tag into the HTML, and then returns it.

TODO(jmaessen): refactor and use this in the relevant places.
void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::BeginFinishParse ( )

HtmlParse::FinishParse() is equivalent to the sequence of BeginFinishParse(); Flush(); EndFinishParse(). Split up to permit asynchronous versions.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::CanAppendChild ( const HtmlNode node) const

IsRewritable will return false for a node if either the open or close tag has been flushed, but this is too conservative if we only want to call AppendChild on that node, since we can append even if the open tag has already been flushed.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::Clear ( )

Clears any cached state we have while this object is laying around for recycling.

HtmlElement* net_instaweb::HtmlParse::CloneElement ( HtmlElement in_element)

Creates an another element with the same name and attributes as in_element. Does not duplicate the children or insert it anywhere.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::DeferCurrentNode ( )

Temporarily removes the current node from the parse tree. This must be run as part of a filter callback, and it is the responsibility of the filter to save the node and call RestoreNode on it later.

If current node is an HtmlElement, this must be called on the StartElement event, not the EndElement event. When an element is deferred, all its children are deferred as well.

It is fine to restore a node after a Flush. Note that while most HtmlNode objects are freed after a Flush window, a deferred one will be retained until it is Restored, or until the end of the document.

If a node is not restored at end of document, a warning will be printed and the stored data cleaned up. Functionally it will be as if the filter called DeleteNode.

Note that a filter that defers a node and never restores it will never see the EndElement for that node.

Note that if you defer a Characters node and restore it next to another Characters node, they will be coalesced prior to the next filter, but this filter will not see the coalesced nodes. Similarly, if you defer a non-characters node that was previously separating two characters nodes, that will also result in a coalesce seen only by downstream filters.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::DeleteNode ( HtmlNode node)

If the given node is rewritable, delete it and all of its children (if any) and return true; otherwise, do nothing and return false. Note: Javascript appears to use removeChild for this.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::DeleteSavingChildren ( HtmlElement element)

Delete a parent element, retaining any children and moving them to reside under the parent's parent. Note that an element must be fully inside the flush-window for this to work. Returns false on failure.

See also MakeElementInvisible

virtual void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::DetermineFiltersBehaviorImpl ( )

Call DetermineEnabled() on each filter. Should be called after the property cache lookup has finished since some filters depend on pcache results in their DetermineEnabled implementation. If a subclass has filters that the base HtmlParse doesn't know about, it should override this function and call DetermineEnabled on each of its filters, along with calling the base DetermineEnabledFiltersImpl. For all enabled filters the CanModifyUrl() flag will be aggregated (or'ed) and can be queried on the can_modify_url function.

Reimplemented in net_instaweb::RewriteDriver.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::DisableFiltersInjectingScripts ( )

Disables any filter in this->filters_ whose GetScriptUsage() is HtmlFilter::kWillInjectScripts.

const DocType& net_instaweb::HtmlParse::doctype ( ) const

Return the current assumed doctype of the document (based on the content type and any HTML directives encountered so far).

virtual void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::FinishParse ( )

Finish a chunked parsing session. This also induces a Flush.

It is invalid to call FinishParse when the StartParse* routines returned false.

Reimplemented in net_instaweb::RewriteDriver.

virtual void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::Flush ( )

Flush the currently queued events through the filters. It is desirable for large web pages, particularly dynamically generated ones, to start getting delivered to the browser as soon as they are ready. On the other hand, rewriting is more powerful when more of the content can be considered for image/css/js spriting. This method should be called when the controlling network process wants to induce a new chunk of output. The less you call this function the better the rewriting will be.

It is invalid to call Flush when the StartParse* routines returned false.

If this is called from a Filter, the request will be deferred until after currently active filters are completed.

Reimplemented in net_instaweb::RewriteDriver.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::HasChildrenInFlushWindow ( HtmlElement element)

Determines whether the element, in the context of its flush window, has children. If the element is not rewritable, or has not been closed yet, or inserted into the DOM event stream, then 'false' is returned.

Note that the concept of the Flush Window is important because the knowledge of an element's children is not limited to the current event being presented to a Filter. A Filter can call this method in the StartElement of an event to see if any children are going to be coming. Of course, if the StartElement is at the end of a Flush window, then we won't know about the children, but IsRewritable will also be false.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::InsertComment ( StringPiece  sp)

Inserts a comment before or after the current node. The function tries to pick an intelligent place depending on the document structure and whether the current node is a start-element, end-element, or a leaf. Returns true if it successfully added the comment, and false if it was not safe for the comment to be inserted. This can happen when a comment is inserted in a literal element (script or style) after the opening tag has been flushed, but the closing tag has not been seen yet. In this case, the caller can buffer the messages until EndElement is reached and call InsertComment at that point.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::InsertElementBeforeElement ( const HtmlNode existing_element,
HtmlNode new_element 

These are a backwards-compatibility wrapper for use by Pagespeed Insights.

TODO(morlovich): Remove them after PSI is synced.
void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::InsertNodeAfterCurrent ( HtmlNode new_node)

Insert a new element after the current one, moving current_ to the new element. In a Filter, the flush-loop will advance past this on the next iteration. Note: new_node must not already be in the DOM.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::InsertNodeBeforeCurrent ( HtmlNode new_node)

Insert a new element before the current one. current_ remains unchanged. Note: new_node must not already be in the DOM.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::InsertNodeBeforeNode ( const HtmlNode existing_node,
HtmlNode new_node 

DOM-manipulation methods.

TODO(sligocki): Find Javascript equivalents and list them or even change our names to be consistent.

This and downstream filters will then see inserted elements but upstream filters will not. Note: In Javascript the first is called insertBefore and takes the arg in the opposite order. Note: new_node must not already be in the DOM.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::IsImplicitlyClosedTag ( HtmlName::Keyword  keyword) const

Determines whether a tag should be terminated in HTML, e.g. <meta ..>. We do not expect to see a close-tag for meta and should never insert one.

static bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::IsLiteralTag ( HtmlName::Keyword  keyword)

Determines whether a tag should be interpreted as a 'literal' tag. That is, a tag whose contents are not parsed until a corresponding matching end tag is encountered.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::IsOptionallyClosedTag ( HtmlName::Keyword  keyword) const

An optionally closed tag ranges from

, which is typically not closed, but we infer the closing from context. Also consider <html>, which usually is closed but not always. E.g. does not close its html tag.

static bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::IsSometimesLiteralTag ( HtmlName::Keyword  keyword)

Determines whether a tag is interpreted as a 'literal' tag in some user agents. Since some user agents will interpret the contents of these tags, our parser never treats them as literal tags. However, a filter that wants to insert new tags that should be processed by all user agents should not insert those tags into a tag that is sometimes parsed as a literal tag. Those filters can use this method to determine if they are within such a tag.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::MakeElementInvisible ( HtmlElement element)

Similar in effect to DeleteSavingChildren, but this has no structural effect on the DOM. Instead it sets a bit in the HtmlElement that prevents it from being rendered by HtmlWriterFilter, though all its contents will be rendered.

This fails, returning false, if the element's StartElement event has already been flushed.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::MoveCurrentBefore ( HtmlNode existing_node)

Moves current node (and all children) directly before existing_node. Note: Will not work if called from StartElement() event.

This differs from InsertNodeBeforeNode() because it moves the current node, which is already in the DOM, rather than adding a new node.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::MoveCurrentInto ( HtmlElement new_parent)

Moves current node (and all children) to an already-existing parent, where they will be placed as the last elements in that parent. Returns false if the operation could not be performed because either the node or its parent was partially or wholly flushed. Note: Will not work if called from StartElement() event.

This differs from AppendChild() because it moves the current node, which is already in the DOM, rather than adding a new node.

HtmlCdataNode* net_instaweb::HtmlParse::NewCdataNode ( HtmlElement parent,
const StringPiece &  contents 

Utility methods for implementing filters.

These "New*" functions do not append the new node to the parent; you must do that yourself. Also note that in the context of a filter, you must add parents to the DOM in some fashion, before appending children to parents.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::ParseText ( const char *  content,
int  size 

Parses an arbitrary block of an html file, queuing up the events. Call Flush to send the events through the Filter.

To parse an entire file, first call StartParse(), then call ParseText on the file contents (in whatever size chunks are convenient), then call FinishParse().

It is invalid to call ParseText when the StartParse* routines returned false.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::PrependChild ( const HtmlElement existing_parent,
HtmlNode new_child 

Add a new child element at the beginning or end of existing_parent's children. Named after Javascript's appendChild method. Note: new_child must not already be in the DOM.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::ReplaceNode ( HtmlNode existing_node,
HtmlNode new_node 

If possible, replace the existing node with the new node and return true; otherwise, do nothing and return false.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::RestoreDeferredNode ( HtmlNode deferred_node)

Restores a node, inserting it after the current event. If the node is an HtmlElement, the iteration will proceed with the first child node, or, if there were no children, then the EndElement method.

Note: you cannot restore during Flush().

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::set_buffer_events ( bool  x)

Set buffering of events. When event-buffering is enabled, no normal filters will receive any events. However, events will be delivered to filters added with add_event_listener.

One thing an event_listener might do is to disable a filter in response to content parsed in the HTML.

The intended use is to call this before any text is presented to the parser, so that no filters can start to run before they might be disabled.

Otherwise, care must be taken to avoid sending filters an imbalanced view of events. E.g. StartDocument should be called if and only if EndDocument is called. StartElement should be called if and only if EndElement is called.

Note that a filter's state may not be sane if StartDocument is not called, and so during event-buffering mode, filters should not be accessed.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::set_timer ( Timer timer)

Provide timer to helping to report timing of each filter. You must also set_log_rewrite_timing(true) to turn on this reporting.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::SetDynamicallyDisabledFilterList ( StringVector *  list)

For debugging purposes. If this vector is supplied, DetermineEnabledFilters will populate it with the list of Filters that were disabled, plus the associated reason, if supplied by the Filter. Caller retains ownership of the pointer.

void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::SetUrlForTesting ( const StringPiece &  url)

Sets url() for test purposes. Normally this is done by StartParseId, but sometimes tests need to set it without worrying about parse state.

void void void void void net_instaweb::HtmlParse::ShowProgress ( const char *  message)

If set_log_rewrite_timing(true) has been called, logs the given message at info level with a timeset offset from the parsing start time,

bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::StartParse ( const StringPiece &  url)

Initiate a chunked parsing session. Finish with FinishParse. The url is only used to resolve relative URLs; the contents are not directly fetched. The caller must supply the text and call ParseText.

Returns whether the URL is valid.

virtual bool net_instaweb::HtmlParse::StartParseId ( const StringPiece &  url,
const StringPiece &  id,
const ContentType content_type 

Mostly useful for file-based rewriters so that messages can reference the HTML file and produce navigable errors.

Returns whether the URL is valid.

Reimplemented in net_instaweb::RewriteDriver.

const char* net_instaweb::HtmlParse::url ( ) const

Gets the current location information; typically to help with error messages.

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