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net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage:

Public Member Functions

 FallbackPropertyPage (PropertyPage *actual_property_page, PropertyPage *property_page_with_fallback_values)
 FallbackPropertyPage takes the ownership of both the property pages.
virtual PropertyValueGetProperty (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name)
PropertyValueGetFallbackProperty (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name)
virtual void UpdateValue (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name, const StringPiece &value)
virtual void WriteCohort (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort)
virtual CacheInterface::KeyState GetCacheState (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort)
 Gets the cache state for the actual property page.
virtual CacheInterface::KeyState GetFallbackCacheState (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort)
 Gets the cache state of the property page with fallback values.
virtual void DeleteProperty (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, const StringPiece &property_name)
 Deletes a property given the property name from both the pages.
PropertyPageactual_property_page ()
PropertyPageproperty_page_with_fallback_values ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GoogleString GetFallbackPageUrl (const GoogleUrl &request_url)
static bool IsFallbackUrl (const GoogleString &url)
 Returns true if given url is for fallback properties.

Member Function Documentation

static GoogleString net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage::GetFallbackPageUrl ( const GoogleUrl request_url)

Returns the page property cache url for the page containing fallback values (i.e. without query params or without leaf).

PropertyValue* net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage::GetFallbackProperty ( const PropertyCache::Cohort cohort,
const StringPiece &  property_name 

Gets the property from property page with fallback values. It can return NULL if property page with fallback values is NULL.

virtual PropertyValue* net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage::GetProperty ( const PropertyCache::Cohort cohort,
const StringPiece &  property_name 

Gets a property given the property name. It returns the property from fallback property cache if actual property page has no value.

Implements net_instaweb::AbstractPropertyPage.

virtual void net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage::UpdateValue ( const PropertyCache::Cohort cohort,
const StringPiece &  property_name,
const StringPiece &  value 

Updates the value of a property for both actual property page and fallback property page.

Implements net_instaweb::AbstractPropertyPage.

virtual void net_instaweb::FallbackPropertyPage::WriteCohort ( const PropertyCache::Cohort cohort)

Updates a Cohort of properties into the cache. It will also update for fallback property cache.

Implements net_instaweb::AbstractPropertyPage.

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