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net_instaweb::DownstreamCachingDirectives Class Reference

#include "downstream_caching_directives.h"

Public Member Functions

void ParseCapabilityListFromRequestHeaders (const RequestHeaders &request_headers)
bool SupportsImageInlining () const
bool SupportsLazyloadImages () const
bool SupportsJsDefer () const
bool SupportsWebp () const
bool SupportsWebpLosslessAlpha () const
bool SupportsWebpAnimated () const

Static Public Attributes

static const char kNoCapabilitiesSpecified []

Detailed Description

This class keeps track of the properties that are specified via directives from the downstream caching layer (e.g. varnish/proxy_cache), to indicate whether certain optimizations are to be supported or not These directives are currently specified via the PS-CapabilityList request header value.

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::DownstreamCachingDirectives::ParseCapabilityListFromRequestHeaders ( const RequestHeaders request_headers)

Parses the capability-list related request header value and stores this for future queries regarding supported capabilities for the request.

bool net_instaweb::DownstreamCachingDirectives::SupportsImageInlining ( ) const
TODO(anupama): Go through all DeviceProperties/RequestProperties methods and re-evaluate which of them need to be supported here.
bool net_instaweb::DownstreamCachingDirectives::SupportsJsDefer ( ) const
TODO(anupama): Incorporate the "allow_mobile" parameter used in DeviceProperties for supportsJsDefer().

Member Data Documentation

const char net_instaweb::DownstreamCachingDirectives::kNoCapabilitiesSpecified[]

A string that indicates that no UserAgent-dependent-optimization constraints are specified for this request.

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