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net_instaweb::DeviceProperties Class Reference

#include "device_properties.h"

Public Types

enum  ImageQualityPreference { kImageQualityDefault, kImageQualityLow, kImageQualityMedium, kImageQualityHigh }

Public Member Functions

 DeviceProperties (UserAgentMatcher *matcher)
void SetUserAgent (const StringPiece &user_agent_string)
void ParseRequestHeaders (const RequestHeaders &request_headers)
bool SupportsImageInlining () const
bool SupportsLazyloadImages () const
bool SupportsCriticalCss () const
bool SupportsCriticalImagesBeacon () const
bool SupportsJsDefer (bool enable_mobile) const
bool SupportsWebpInPlace () const
bool SupportsWebpRewrittenUrls () const
bool SupportsWebpLosslessAlpha () const
bool SupportsWebpAnimated () const
bool IsBot () const
bool AcceptsGzip () const
UserAgentMatcher::DeviceType GetDeviceType () const
bool IsMobile () const
bool IsTablet () const
bool ForbidWebpInlining () const
bool RequestsSaveData () const
bool HasViaHeader () const

Static Public Attributes

static const int kMediumScreenWidthThreshold = 720
static const int kLargeScreenWidthThreshold = 1500


class ImageRewriteTest
class RequestProperties

Detailed Description

This class keeps track of the device properties of the client, which are for the most part learned from the UserAgent string.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Server uses its own default image quality.


The request asks for low image quality.


The request asks for medium image quality.


The request asks for high image quality.

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::DeviceProperties::ParseRequestHeaders ( const RequestHeaders request_headers)

Set device-based properties that are capture in the request headers (eg. the Accept: header).

bool net_instaweb::DeviceProperties::SupportsWebpInPlace ( ) const

SupportsWebpInPlace indicates we saw an Accept: image/webp header, and can rewrite the request in place (using Vary: accept in the result headers, etc.).

bool net_instaweb::DeviceProperties::SupportsWebpRewrittenUrls ( ) const

SupportsWebpRewrittenUrls indicates that the device can handle webp so long as the url changes - either we know this based on user agent, or we got an Accept header. We can't tell a proxy cache to distinguish this case using Vary: accept in the result headers, as we can't guarantee we'll see such a header, ever. So we need to Vary: user-agent or cache-control: private, and thus restrict it to rewritten urls.

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