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pagespeed::image_compression::PngCompressParams Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for pagespeed::image_compression::PngCompressParams:

Public Member Functions

 PngCompressParams (int level, int strategy, bool is_progressive)
 PngCompressParams (bool try_best_compression, bool is_progressive)

Public Attributes

int filter_level
int compression_strategy
bool try_best_compression
bool is_progressive
 Indicates whether to encode the image in progressive / interlacing format.

Member Data Documentation

int pagespeed::image_compression::PngCompressParams::compression_strategy

Indicates which compression strategy to use while compressing the image. Valid values for this are Z_FILTERED Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY Z_RLE Z_FIXED Z_DEFAULT_STRATEGY

int pagespeed::image_compression::PngCompressParams::filter_level

Indicates what png filter type to be used while compressing the image. Valid values for this are PNG_FILTER_NONE PNG_FILTER_SUB PNG_FILTER_UP PNG_FILTER_AVG PNG_FILTER_PAETH PNG_ALL_FILTERS

bool pagespeed::image_compression::PngCompressParams::try_best_compression

Indicates whether to search for the smallest output by using Opti-PNG and multiple runs of compression. This mode will use more computation.

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