Page Speed Optimization Libraries
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pagespeed::image_compression::JpegCompressionOptions Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for pagespeed::image_compression::JpegCompressionOptions:

Public Attributes

bool progressive
bool retain_color_profile
 If set to 'true' any color profile information is retained.
bool retain_exif_data
 If set to 'true' any exif information is retained.
bool lossy
 Whether or not to use lossy compression.
JpegLossyOptions lossy_options
 Lossy compression options. Only applicable if lossy (above) is set to true.

Member Data Documentation

bool pagespeed::image_compression::JpegCompressionOptions::progressive

Whether or not to produce a progressive JPEG. This parameter will only be applied for images with YCbCr colorspace, and it is ignored for other colorspaces.

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