Page Speed Optimization Libraries
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pagespeed::image_compression::ImageSpec Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
size_px TruncateXIndex (size_px x) const
size_px TruncateYIndex (size_px y) const
bool CanContainFrame (const FrameSpec &frame_spec) const
 Returns true iff frame_spec fits entirely within this ImageSpec.
GoogleString ToString () const
bool Equals (const ImageSpec &other) const

Public Attributes

size_px width
size_px height
size_px num_frames
unsigned int loop_count
PixelRgbaChannels bg_color
bool use_bg_color
bool image_size_adjusted

Member Function Documentation

size_px pagespeed::image_compression::ImageSpec::TruncateXIndex ( size_px  x) const

Returns x truncated to a valid column index in [0, width]. Note that a value of 'width' denotes the first invalid index.

size_px pagespeed::image_compression::ImageSpec::TruncateYIndex ( size_px  y) const

Returns y truncated to a valid row index in [0, height]. Note that a value of 'height' denotes the first invalid index.

Member Data Documentation

bool pagespeed::image_compression::ImageSpec::image_size_adjusted

Whether the image size was adjusted (as can happen when implementing some quirks modes).

unsigned int pagespeed::image_compression::ImageSpec::loop_count

This is the total number of times to loop through all the frames (NOT the repeat number).

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