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net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheData::SectorStats Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void Add (const SectorStats &other)
 Adds number to this object's. No concurrency control is done.
GoogleString Dump (size_t total_entries, size_t total_blocks) const
 Text dump of the statistics. No concurrency control is done.

Public Attributes

int64 num_put
int64 num_put_update
 update of the same key
int64 num_put_replace
 replacement of different key
int64 num_put_concurrent_create
int64 num_put_concurrent_full_set
int64 num_put_spins

of times writers had to sleep behind readers

int64 num_get

of calls to get

int64 num_get_hit
int64 last_checkpoint_ms
 When this sector was last checkpointed to disk.
int64 used_entries
 Current state stats — updated by SharedMemCacheData.
int64 used_blocks

Member Data Documentation

int64 net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheData::SectorStats::num_put

FS operation stats — updated by SharedMemCache. We do it this way rather than using the normal Statistics interface to avoid having to worry about extra synchronization inside critical sections — since we already hold sector locks when doing this stuff, it's easy to update per-sector data.

TODO(morlovich): Consider periodically pushing these to normal Statistics.

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