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net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheData::CacheEntry Struct Reference

Public Attributes

char hash_bytes [kHashSize]
int64 last_use_timestamp_ms
int32 byte_size
EntryNum lru_prev
EntryNum lru_next
BlockNum first_block
bool creating: 1
 When this is true, someone is trying to overwrite this entry.
uint32 open_count: 31
 Number of readers currently accessing the data.
uint32 padding
 ensures we're 8-aligned.

Member Data Documentation

EntryNum net_instaweb::SharedMemCacheData::CacheEntry::lru_prev

For LRU list, prev/next are kInvalidEntry to denote 'none', which can apply both at endpoints and for entries not in the LRU at all, due to being free.

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