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net_instaweb::SerfStats Struct Reference

Static Public Attributes

static const char kSerfFetchRequestCount []
static const char kSerfFetchByteCount []
static const char kSerfFetchTimeDurationMs []
static const char kSerfFetchCancelCount []
static const char kSerfFetchActiveCount []
static const char kSerfFetchTimeoutCount []
static const char kSerfFetchFailureCount []
static const char kSerfFetchCertErrors []
static const char kSerfFetchReadCalls []
static const char kSerfFetchUltimateSuccess []
static const char kSerfFetchUltimateFailure []
static const char kSerfFetchLastCheckTimestampMs []

Member Data Documentation

const char net_instaweb::SerfStats::kSerfFetchLastCheckTimestampMs[]

When we last checked the ultimate failure/success numbers for a possible concern.

const char net_instaweb::SerfStats::kSerfFetchUltimateFailure[]

A failure or an error status. Doesn't include fetches dropped due to process exit and the like.

const char net_instaweb::SerfStats::kSerfFetchUltimateSuccess[]

A fetch that finished with a 2xx or a 3xx code — and not just a mechanically successful one that's a 4xx or such.

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