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net_instaweb::ResponsiveVirtualImages Struct Reference

#include "responsive_image_filter.h"

Public Attributes

int width
int height
ResponsiveImageCandidateVector non_inlinable_candidates
ResponsiveImageCandidate inlinable_candidate
ResponsiveImageCandidate fullsized_candidate

Detailed Description

We insert several virtual tags. This structure keeps track of all the virtual inserted for a single original .

Member Data Documentation

ResponsiveImageCandidate net_instaweb::ResponsiveVirtualImages::fullsized_candidate

One fullsized image. This will be used at the top end of the srcset in case users zoom in far enough.

ResponsiveImageCandidate net_instaweb::ResponsiveVirtualImages::inlinable_candidate

One inlinable virtual for the highest resolution. If this is inlined, we use that as the only version. Otherwise we discard it.

ResponsiveImageCandidateVector net_instaweb::ResponsiveVirtualImages::non_inlinable_candidates

One non-inlinable virtual for every resolution supported (2x, 4x). These will be used in the srcset (if inlinable_candidate is not actually inlined).

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