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net_instaweb::MemLockState::Comparator Struct Reference

#include "mem_lock_state.h"

Public Member Functions

bool operator() (const MemLock *a, const MemLock *b) const

Detailed Description

Note that the MemLockState class is completely inaccessible except to MemLock and MemLockManager; there is no way to get a MemLockState* out of either of those. Thus these public methods are effectively package-private. Provides a stable comparison for pending Locks held in the MemLockState, and in the MemLockManager, ordered by wakeup time. The MemLockManager tracks all pending locks for any names so they can be denied if the wakeup_time is reached, or stolen if the steal_time is reached. Note that these times are all absolute, in milliseconds since 1970.

Also note once a Lock has been entered into a pending queue, its timestamps must never be changed, or it will corrupt the map.

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