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net_instaweb::CssSummarizerBase::SummaryInfo Struct Reference

Public Attributes

GoogleString data
SummaryState state
 State of computation of 'data'.
GoogleString location
GoogleString base
 Base to use for resolving links in the CSS resource.
GoogleString media_from_html
 CSS media there were applied to the resource by the HTML.
GoogleString rel
 If it's an external stylesheet, the value of the rel attribute.
bool is_external
 True if it's a <link rel=stylesheet href=>, false for <style>
bool is_inside_noscript
 True if the style was included inside a noscript section.

Member Data Documentation

GoogleString net_instaweb::CssSummarizerBase::SummaryInfo::data

data actually computed by the subclass's Summarize method. Make sure to check state == kSummaryOk before using it.

GoogleString net_instaweb::CssSummarizerBase::SummaryInfo::location

Human-readable description of the location of the CSS. For use in debug messages.

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