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net_instaweb::CriticalImagesInfo Struct Reference

#include "critical_images_finder.h"

Public Attributes

StringSet html_critical_images
StringSet css_critical_images
CriticalImages proto
bool is_critical_image_info_present
RenderedImageDimensionsMap rendered_images_map

Detailed Description

The instantiated CriticalImagesFinder is held by ServerContext, meaning there is only 1 per server. CriticalImagesInfo stores all of the request specific data needed by CriticalImagesFinder, and is held by the RewriteDriver.

TODO(jud): Instead of a separate CriticalImagesInfo that gets populated from the CriticalImages protobuf value, we could just store the protobuf value in RewriteDriver and eliminate CriticalImagesInfo. Revisit this when updating this class to support multiple beacon responses.

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