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re2.h File Reference
#include "pagespeed/kernel/base/string_util.h"
#include "third_party/re2/src/re2/re2.h"

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typedef re2::StringPiece Re2StringPiece
 namespace re2


re2::StringPiece StringPieceToRe2 (StringPiece sp)
StringPiece Re2ToStringPiece (re2::StringPiece sp)


const RE2::CannedOptions re2::posix_syntax = RE2::POSIX

Function Documentation

re2::StringPiece StringPieceToRe2 ( StringPiece  sp)

Converts a Google StringPiece into an RE2 StringPiece. These are of course the same basic thing but are declared in distinct namespaces and as far as C++ type-checking is concerned they are incompatible.

TODO(jmarantz): In the re2 code itself there are no references to re2::StringPiece, always just plain StringPiece, so if we can arrange to get the right definition #included we should be all set. We could somehow rewrite '#include "re2/stringpiece.h"' to #include Chromium's stringpiece then everything would just work.