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pagespeed::image_compression::ScanlineStatus Class Reference

#include "scanline_status.h"

Public Member Functions

 ScanlineStatus (ScanlineStatusType type, ScanlineStatusSource source, const GoogleString &details)
 ScanlineStatus (ScanlineStatusType type)
 va_start (args, details)
 va_end (args)
return ScanlineStatus (type, source, detail_list)
bool Success () const
ScanlineStatusType type () const
ScanlineStatusSource source () const
const GoogleStringdetails () const
const char * TypeStr () const
const char * SourceStr () const
const GoogleString ToString () const
bool ComesFromReader () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ScanlineStatus New (ScanlineStatusType type, ScanlineStatusSource source, const char *details,...) INSTAWEB_PRINTF_FORMAT(3

Public Attributes

static ScanlineStatus va_list args
GoogleString detail_list
StringAppendV & detail_list

Detailed Description

A class to report the success or error of ScanlineInterface operations. Scanline*Interface should return the ScanlineStatus corresponding to the earliest error encountered. ScanlineStatus.details_ should be of the form "FunctionThatFailed()" or "failure message".

Member Function Documentation

bool pagespeed::image_compression::ScanlineStatus::ComesFromReader ( ) const

Determines whether the source of this status is a reader of some sort.

static ScanlineStatus pagespeed::image_compression::ScanlineStatus::New ( ScanlineStatusType  type,
ScanlineStatusSource  source,
const char *  details,

This function takes variadic arguments so that we can use the same sets of arguments here and for logging via the PS_LOGGED_STATUS macro below.

pagespeed::image_compression::ScanlineStatus::va_start ( args  ,

Ignore the name of this routine: it formats with vsnprintf. See base/

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