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net_instaweb::UrlToFilenameEncoder Class Reference

Helper class for converting a URL into a filename. More...

#include "url_to_filename_encoder.h"

Static Public Member Functions

static void EncodeSegment (const StringPiece &filename_prefix, const StringPiece &escaped_ending, char dir_separator, GoogleString *encoded_filename)
static bool Decode (const StringPiece &encoded_filename, GoogleString *decoded_url)

Static Public Attributes

static const char kEscapeChar
static const char kTruncationChar
static const size_t kMaximumSubdirectoryLength


class UrlToFilenameEncoderTest

Detailed Description

Helper class for converting a URL into a filename.

Member Function Documentation

static bool net_instaweb::UrlToFilenameEncoder::Decode ( const StringPiece &  encoded_filename,
GoogleString decoded_url 

Decodes a filename that was encoded with EncodeSegment with dir_separator = '/', yielding back the original URL.

Note: this decoder is not the exact inverse of the UrlToFilenameEncoder::EncodeSegment, because it does not take into account a prefix.

static void net_instaweb::UrlToFilenameEncoder::EncodeSegment ( const StringPiece &  filename_prefix,
const StringPiece &  escaped_ending,
char  dir_separator,
GoogleString encoded_filename 

Encode a portion of URL to a form suitable for filenames. |filename_prefix| is prepended without escaping. |escaped_ending| is the URL to be encoded into a filename. It may have URL escaped characters (like %21 for !). |dir_separator| is "/" on Unix, "\" on Windows. |encoded_filename| is the resultant filename.

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