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net_instaweb::SystemCachePath Class Reference

#include "system_cache_path.h"

Public Member Functions

 SystemCachePath (const StringPiece &path, const SystemRewriteOptions *config, RewriteDriverFactory *factory, AbstractSharedMem *shm_runtime)
CacheInterfacelru_cache ()
 Per-process in-memory LRU, with any stats/thread safety wrappers, or NULL.
CacheInterfacefile_cache ()
 Per-machine file cache with any stats wrappers.
FileCachefile_cache_backend ()
NamedLockManagerlock_manager ()
void RootInit ()
 See comments in SystemCaches for calling conventions on these.
void ChildInit (SlowWorker *cache_clean_worker)
void GlobalCleanup (MessageHandler *handler)
 only called in root process
void MergeConfig (const SystemRewriteOptions *config)
void AddServerContext (SystemServerContext *server_context)
void RemoveServerContext (SystemServerContext *server_context)
 Disassociates a server context with this CachePath – used on shutdown.
void FlushCacheIfNecessary ()
PurgeContextpurge_context ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GoogleString CachePath (SystemRewriteOptions *config)

Static Public Attributes

static const char kFileCache []
 CacheStats prefixes.
static const char kLruCache []

Detailed Description

The SystemCachePath encapsulates a cache-sharing model where a user specifies a file-cache path per virtual-host. With each file-cache object we keep a locking mechanism and an optional per-process LRUCache.

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::SystemCachePath::AddServerContext ( SystemServerContext server_context)

Associates a ServerContext with this CachePath, enabling cache purges to propagate into the ServerContext's global options.

static GoogleString net_instaweb::SystemCachePath::CachePath ( SystemRewriteOptions config)

Computes a key suitable for building a map to help share common cache objects between vhosts. This key is given to the constructor as 'path'.

FileCache* net_instaweb::SystemCachePath::file_cache_backend ( )

Access to backend for testing. Do not use this directly in production as it lacks statistics wrappers, etc.

void net_instaweb::SystemCachePath::FlushCacheIfNecessary ( )

Entry-point for flushing the cache, either via the legacy method of "touch .../cache.flush" or the newer method of purging via /pagespeed_admin/cache?purge=... or a PURGE method, depending on whether the EnableCachePurge method is set.

void net_instaweb::SystemCachePath::MergeConfig ( const SystemRewriteOptions config)

When there are multiple configurations which specify the same cache path, we must merge the other settings: the cleaning interval, size, and inode count.

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