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net_instaweb::StringMultiMapInsensitive Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::StringMultiMapInsensitive:
net_instaweb::StringMultiMap< StringCompareInsensitive >

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::StringMultiMap< StringCompareInsensitive >
bool empty () const
void Clear ()
int num_names () const
 Returns the number of distinct names.
int num_values () const
bool Lookup (const StringPiece &name, ConstStringStarVector *values) const
const GoogleStringLookup1 (const StringPiece &name) const
bool Has (const StringPiece &name) const
bool RemoveAll (const StringPiece &key)
 Remove all variables by name. Returns true if anything was removed.
bool RemoveAllFromSortedArray (const StringPiece *names, int names_size)
StringPiece name (int index) const
const GoogleStringvalue (int index) const
 Note that the value can be NULL.
void Add (const StringPiece &key, const StringPiece &value)
 Add a new variable. The value can be null. More...
void AddFromNameValuePairs (const StringPiece &name_value_list, const StringPiece &separators, char value_separator, bool omit_if_no_value)
void CopyFrom (const StringMultiMap &string_multi_map)

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