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net_instaweb::StatisticsLogfileReader Class Reference

Handles reading the logfile created by StatisticsLogger. More...

#include "statistics_logger.h"

Public Member Functions

 StatisticsLogfileReader (FileSystem::InputFile *file, int64 start_time, int64 end_time, int64 granularity_ms, MessageHandler *message_handler)
bool ReadNextDataBlock (int64 *timestamp, GoogleString *data)
int64 end_time ()

Detailed Description

Handles reading the logfile created by StatisticsLogger.

Member Function Documentation

bool net_instaweb::StatisticsLogfileReader::ReadNextDataBlock ( int64 *  timestamp,
GoogleString data 

Reads the next timestamp in the file into timestamp and the corresponding chunk of data into data. Returns true if new data has been read.

TODO(sligocki): Use a StringPiece* here to avoid extra copies. We need to guarantee that the data pointed to by the StringPiece will be valid for the right lifetime first.

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