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net_instaweb::SrcSetSlotCollection Class Reference

#include "srcset_slot.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::SrcSetSlotCollection:
net_instaweb::RefCounted< SrcSetSlotCollection >


struct  ImageCandidate

Public Member Functions

 SrcSetSlotCollection (RewriteDriver *driver, HtmlElement *element, HtmlElement::Attribute *attribute)
void Initialize (CommonFilter *filter)
int num_image_candidates ()
SrcSetSlotslot (int idx)
 may be nullptr.
const GoogleStringurl (int idx)
void set_url (int idx, GoogleString new_url)
const GoogleStringdescriptor (int idx)
HtmlElementelement () const
HtmlElement::Attributeattribute () const
CommonFilterfilter () const
 The first filter that created this slot collection. There may be others.
RewriteDriverdriver ()
int begin_line_number () const
int end_line_number () const
void Commit ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::RefCounted< SrcSetSlotCollection >
void Release ()
void AddRef ()
bool HasOneRef ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void ParseSrcSet (StringPiece input, std::vector< ImageCandidate > *out)
static GoogleString Serialize (const std::vector< ImageCandidate > &in)

Protected Member Functions


Detailed Description

Since the various images inside a src attribute share the attribute, we hook them all up to a single SrcSetSlotCollection (which they own).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net_instaweb::SrcSetSlotCollection::SrcSetSlotCollection ( RewriteDriver driver,
HtmlElement element,
HtmlElement::Attribute attribute 

Note: you need to separately call Initialize() to actually create all the slots and the like. This sets up just enough to be able to compare slots.

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::SrcSetSlotCollection::Commit ( )

This serializes everything back to the attribute. (Which is sadly quadratic, but the size should be small enough that it's more practical than trying to coordinate).

void net_instaweb::SrcSetSlotCollection::Initialize ( CommonFilter filter)

This will parse the passed in srcset attribute, and create all the slots, and all their resources.

static void net_instaweb::SrcSetSlotCollection::ParseSrcSet ( StringPiece  input,
std::vector< ImageCandidate > *  out 

Parses the input srcset attribute into *out (replacing its contents), filling in the url and descriptor fields (but not trying to create resources or fill in slot).

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