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net_instaweb::SharedMemStatisticsTestBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::SharedMemStatisticsTestBase:
net_instaweb::SharedMemStatisticsTestTemplate< ConcreteTestEnv >

Protected Types

typedef void(SharedMemStatisticsTestBase::* TestMethod )()

Protected Member Functions

 SharedMemStatisticsTestBase (SharedMemTestEnv *test_env)
virtual void SetUp ()
virtual void TearDown ()
bool CreateChild (TestMethod method)
void TestCreate ()
void TestSet ()
void TestClear ()
void TestAdd ()
void TestSetReturningPrevious ()
void TestHistogram ()
void TestHistogramRender ()
void TestHistogramNoExtraClear ()
void TestHistogramExtremeBuckets ()
void TestTimedVariableEmulation ()
void TestConsoleStatisticsLogger ()
StatisticsLoggerconsole_logger () const

Protected Attributes

scoped_ptr< ThreadSystemthread_system_
MockMessageHandler handler_
scoped_ptr< MemFileSystemfile_system_
scoped_ptr< SharedMemStatisticsstats_
 (the parent process version)

Static Protected Attributes

static const int64 kLogIntervalMs
static const int64 kMaxLogfileSizeKb

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