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net_instaweb::MockReaderWriterT< RequestT, ResponseT > Class Template Reference

#include "controller_grpc_mocks.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::MockReaderWriterT< RequestT, ResponseT >:

Public Member Functions

 MockReaderWriterT (Sequence *sequence)
void ExpectRead (const GoogleString &asciiProto)
void ExpectReadFailure ()
template<typename Matcher >
void ExpectWrite (const Matcher &matcher)
template<typename Matcher >
void ExpectWriteFailure (const Matcher &matcher)
void ExpectFinish (const ::grpc::Status &status)
void ExpectFinishAndNotify (const ::grpc::Status &status, WorkerTestBase::SyncPoint *sync)
void ExpectFinishFailure ()
 MOCK_METHOD1 (WritesDone, void(void *tag))
 MOCK_METHOD1 (ReadInitialMetadata, void(void *tag))
 MOCK_METHOD2 (Finish, void(::grpc::Status *status, void *tag))
 MOCK_METHOD2_T (Write, void(const RequestT &resp, void *tag))
 MOCK_METHOD3_T (Write, void(const RequestT &resp,::grpc::WriteOptions options, void *tag))
 MOCK_METHOD2_T (Read, void(ResponseT *resp, void *tag))

Detailed Description

template<typename RequestT, typename ResponseT>
class net_instaweb::MockReaderWriterT< RequestT, ResponseT >

Mock for grpc::ClientAsyncReaderWriterInterface. All callbacks are invoked asynchronously through a Sequence to mimic the equivalent gRPC behaviour which uses a gRPC CompletionQueue.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename RequestT , typename ResponseT >
template<typename Matcher >
void net_instaweb::MockReaderWriterT< RequestT, ResponseT >::ExpectWrite ( const Matcher &  matcher)

Matcher winds up being a complicated type that includes testing::internal stuff, so we just template on it.

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