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net_instaweb::JsReplacer Class Reference

Public Types

typedef Callback1< GoogleString * > StringRewriter

Public Member Functions

 JsReplacer (const pagespeed::js::JsTokenizerPatterns *patterns)
 Does not take ownership of patterns.
void AddPattern (const GoogleString &object, const GoogleString &field, StringRewriter *rewriter)
bool Transform (StringPiece in, GoogleString *out)

Member Function Documentation

void net_instaweb::JsReplacer::AddPattern ( const GoogleString object,
const GoogleString field,
StringRewriter rewriter 

Whenever a pattern of object.field = "literal" is seen, 'rewriter' will get called to change the value of literal. (This also includes something like otherobject.object.field = "literal") Does not take ownership of rewriter.

If there are multiple additions of patterns with same object and field, the first one gets invoked.

Note that this may not work right if the pattern uses a reserved keyword (e.g. things like 'class').

bool net_instaweb::JsReplacer::Transform ( StringPiece  in,
GoogleString out 

Transforms the JS by applying any patterns added by calls to AddPattern, and writes the result to *out. Quoting style of string literals is preserved, and the StringRewriter is responsible for proper escaping inside its output.

Returns true if the input was lexed successfully, and false if there were errors — in which case *out may not be complete.

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