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net_instaweb::HtmlDetector Class Reference

#include "html_detector.h"

Public Member Functions

bool ConsiderInput (const StringPiece &data)
bool already_decided () const
bool probable_html () const
 Precondition: already_decided() true (or ConsiderInput returning true).
void ReleaseBuffered (GoogleString *out_buffer)
void ForceDecision (bool is_html)

Detailed Description

This class tries to heuristically detect whether something that claims to HTML is likely to be. For now, it merely looks at whether the first non-whitespace/non-BOM character is <.

Typical usage: HtmlDetector detect_html_;

if (!detect_html_.already_decided() && detect_html_.ConsiderInput(data)) { GoogleString buffered; detect_html_.ReleaseBuffered(&buffered); if (detect_html_.probable_html()) { do html-specific bits with buffered } else { do non-html things with buffered } }

if (detect_html_.already_decided()) { do appropriate things with data based on detect_html_.probable_html() }

Member Function Documentation

bool net_instaweb::HtmlDetector::already_decided ( ) const

Returns true if we have seen enough input to make a guess as to whether it's HTML or not.

bool net_instaweb::HtmlDetector::ConsiderInput ( const StringPiece &  data)

Processes the data, trying to determine if it's HTML or not. If there is enough evidence to make a decision, returns true.

If true is returned, already_decided() will be true as well, and hence probable_html() will be accessible. buffered() will not be changed.

If false is returned, data will be accumulated inside buffered().

Precondition: !already_decided()

void net_instaweb::HtmlDetector::ForceDecision ( bool  is_html)

Forces already_decided() to true, and probable_html() to match is_html.

Precondition: !already_decided()

void net_instaweb::HtmlDetector::ReleaseBuffered ( GoogleString out_buffer)

Transfers any data that was buffered by ConsiderInput calls that returned false into *out_buffer. The old value of out_buffer is overwritten, and HtmlDetector's internal buffers are cleared.

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