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net_instaweb::FetcherTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::FetcherTest:


class  CheckCallback

Protected Member Functions

WaitUrlAsyncFetcherwait_fetcher ()
 Helpful classes for testing. More...
CountingUrlAsyncFetchercounting_fetcher ()
int CountFetchesAsync (const StringPiece &url, bool expect_success, bool *callback_called)
int CountFetchesAsync (const StringPiece &url, UrlAsyncFetcher *fetcher, bool expect_success, bool check_error_message, bool *callback_called)
virtual UrlAsyncFetcherasync_fetcher ()
GoogleString TestFilename ()
void ValidateOutput (const GoogleString &content, const ResponseHeaders &response_headers)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void ValidateMockFetcherResponse (bool success, bool check_error_message, const GoogleString &content, const ResponseHeaders &response_headers)
 This checks that response matches the mock response we setup.

Protected Attributes

GoogleMessageHandler message_handler_
MockUrlFetcher mock_fetcher_
WaitUrlAsyncFetcher wait_url_async_fetcher_
CountingUrlAsyncFetcher counting_fetcher_
scoped_ptr< ThreadSystemthread_system_
SimpleStats statistics_

Static Protected Attributes

static const char kStartDate []
static const char kHtmlContent []
static const char kGoodUrl []
static const char kNotCachedUrl []
static const char kBadUrl []
static const char kHeaderName []
static const char kHeaderValue []
static const char kErrorMessage []

Member Function Documentation

virtual UrlAsyncFetcher* net_instaweb::FetcherTest::async_fetcher ( )

Override this to allow CountFetchesAsync w/o fetcher argument. It is not abstract (= 0) because they only need to be overridden by classes which want to use CountFetchersAsync.

int net_instaweb::FetcherTest::CountFetchesAsync ( const StringPiece &  url,
bool  expect_success,
bool *  callback_called 

Initiate an async URL fetch, and return the number of times the counting fetcher had to be run to perform the fetch. Note: You must override async_fetcher() to return the correct fetcher.

int net_instaweb::FetcherTest::CountFetchesAsync ( const StringPiece &  url,
UrlAsyncFetcher fetcher,
bool  expect_success,
bool  check_error_message,
bool *  callback_called 

Like above, but doesn't use async_fetcher(), and lets you opt-out of checking of error messages

void net_instaweb::FetcherTest::ValidateOutput ( const GoogleString content,
const ResponseHeaders response_headers 

This validation code is hard-coded to the http request capture in testdata/google.http.

WaitUrlAsyncFetcher* net_instaweb::FetcherTest::wait_fetcher ( )

Helpful classes for testing.

We set up a chain of fetchers: Counting -> Wait -> Mock, where the mock will only fetch kGoodUrl and kNotCachedUrl, returning kHtmlContent.

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