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net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter Class Reference

#include "domain_rewrite_filter.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter:
net_instaweb::CommonFilter net_instaweb::EmptyHtmlFilter net_instaweb::HtmlFilter

Public Types

enum  RewriteResult { kRewroteDomain, kDomainUnchanged, kFail }
enum  HeaderSource { kHttp, kMetaHttpEquiv }
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< StringPiece, StringPiece > > 
- Public Types inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlFilter
enum  ScriptUsage { kWillInjectScripts, kMayInjectScripts, kNeverInjectsScripts }
 Describes a filter's relationship with scripts. More...

Public Member Functions

 DomainRewriteFilter (RewriteDriver *rewrite_driver, Statistics *stats)
virtual void StartDocumentImpl ()
virtual void EndDocument ()
virtual void StartElementImpl (HtmlElement *element)
virtual void EndElementImpl (HtmlElement *element)
virtual const char * Name () const
 The name of this filter – used for logging and debugging.
ScriptUsage GetScriptUsage () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::CommonFilter
 CommonFilter (RewriteDriver *driver)
const GoogleUrlbase_url () const
 Getters. More...
const GoogleUrldecoded_base_url () const
RewriteDriverdriver () const
HtmlElementnoscript_element () const
void InsertNodeAtBodyEnd (HtmlNode *data)
virtual void StartDocument ()
 Note: Don't overload these methods, overload the implementers instead!
virtual void StartElement (HtmlElement *element)
virtual void EndElement (HtmlElement *element)
virtual void Characters (HtmlCharactersNode *characters)
ResourcePtr CreateInputResource (StringPiece input_url, RewriteDriver::InputRole role, bool *is_authorized)
ResourcePtr CreateInputResourceOrInsertDebugComment (StringPiece input_url, RewriteDriver::InputRole role, HtmlElement *element)
void ResolveUrl (StringPiece input_url, GoogleUrl *out_url)
bool IsRelativeUrlLoadPermittedByCsp (StringPiece url, CspDirective role)
bool BaseUrlIsValid () const
bool DebugMode () const
bool CanAddPagespeedOnloadToImage (const HtmlElement &)
virtual void LogFilterModifiedContent ()
AllowUnauthorizedDomain () const
virtual bool IntendedForInlining () const
void AddJsToElement (StringPiece js, HtmlElement *script)
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::EmptyHtmlFilter
virtual void Cdata (HtmlCdataNode *cdata)
 Called for CDATA blocks (e.g. <![CDATA[foobar]]>)
virtual void Comment (HtmlCommentNode *comment)
 Called for HTML comments that aren't IE directives (e.g. ).
virtual void IEDirective (HtmlIEDirectiveNode *directive)
virtual void Directive (HtmlDirectiveNode *directive)
 Called for HTML directives (e.g. <!doctype foobar>).
virtual void Flush ()
virtual void DetermineEnabled (GoogleString *disabled_reason)
virtual bool CanModifyUrls ()
ScriptUsage GetScriptUsage () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::HtmlFilter
virtual void RenderDone ()
bool is_enabled () const
void set_is_enabled (bool is_enabled)

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitStats (Statistics *statistics)
static RewriteResult Rewrite (const StringPiece &input_url, const GoogleUrl &base_url, const ServerContext *server_context, const RewriteOptions *options, bool apply_sharding, bool apply_domain_suffix, GoogleString *output_url)
static void UpdateDomainHeaders (const GoogleUrl &base_url, const ServerContext *server_context, const RewriteOptions *options, ResponseHeaders *headers)
static bool UpdateOneDomainHeader (HeaderSource src, const GoogleUrl &base_url, const ServerContext *server_context, const RewriteOptions *options, StringPiece name, StringPiece value_in, GoogleString *out)
static bool UpdateSetCookieHeader (const GoogleUrl &base_url, const ServerContext *server_context, const RewriteOptions *options, StringPiece value_in, GoogleString *out)
 Like UpdateOneDomainHeader, but specifically for Set-Cookie.
static bool ParseRefreshContent (StringPiece input, StringPiece *before, StringPiece *url, StringPiece *after)
static void ParseSetCookieAttributes (StringPiece input, StringPiece *cookie_string, SetCookieAttributes *attributes)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::CommonFilter
static bool ExtractMetaTagDetails (const HtmlElement &element, const ResponseHeaders *headers, GoogleString *content, GoogleString *mime_type, GoogleString *charset)

Static Public Attributes

static const char kStickyRedirectHeader []
- Static Public Attributes inherited from net_instaweb::CommonFilter
static const char kCreateResourceFailedDebugMsg []
 Debug message to be inserted when resource creation fails.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::CommonFilter
ServerContextserver_context () const
const RewriteOptionsrewrite_options ()
virtual const char * LoggingId ()

Detailed Description

Filter that rewrites URL domains for resources that are not otherwise rewritten. For example, the user may want to domain-shard adding a hash to their URL leaves, or domain shard resources that are not cacheable.

This will also rewrite hyperlinks and URL-related headers and metas if domain_rewrite_hyperlinks() is on, and also to Set-Cookie headers if domain_rewrite_cookies() is on.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::EndDocument ( )

Note: EndDocument will be called immediately before the last Flush call. (which also means that in the RewriteDriver use it is called before rendering for the last flush window).

Reimplemented from net_instaweb::EmptyHtmlFilter.

ScriptUsage net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::GetScriptUsage ( ) const

Injects scripts only when option ClientDomainRewrite is true, and the current document is not AMP.

Implements net_instaweb::HtmlFilter.

static bool net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::ParseRefreshContent ( StringPiece  input,
StringPiece *  before,
StringPiece *  url,
StringPiece *  after 

Tries to parse the content of a Refresh header, returning if successful. *before gets anything before the URL or its opening quotes. *url gets the portion of parse that's the URL itself, and *after gets everything after the URL and its closing quote, if any. Note that this means that reassembling the URL may require addition of new quotes and escaping.

static void net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::ParseSetCookieAttributes ( StringPiece  input,
StringPiece *  cookie_string,
SetCookieAttributes *  attributes 

Tries to parse the contents of a Set-Cookie header, specified as "input", extracting out the cookie string into *cookie_string and the attribute key value pairs into *attributes. This does not eliminate duplicate attributes; note that the spec requires using the last occurrences. *attributes and *cookie_string are overwritten, not appended to.

static RewriteResult net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::Rewrite ( const StringPiece &  input_url,
const GoogleUrl base_url,
const ServerContext server_context,
const RewriteOptions options,
bool  apply_sharding,
bool  apply_domain_suffix,
GoogleString output_url 

Rewrites the specified URL (which might be relative to the base tag) into an absolute sharded url.

Absolute URL output_url will be set if kRewroteDomain or kDomainUnchanged returned.

static for use in UpdateLocationHeader.

virtual void net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::StartDocumentImpl ( )

Overload these implementer methods: Intentionally left abstract so that implementers don't forget to change the name from Blah to BlahImpl.

Implements net_instaweb::CommonFilter.

static void net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::UpdateDomainHeaders ( const GoogleUrl base_url,
const ServerContext server_context,
const RewriteOptions options,
ResponseHeaders headers 

Update url and domains in headers as per the rewrite rules configured for this domain.

For now this fixes Location:, Refresh:, and Set-Cookie:

static since we may need to do it in Apache with no appropriate RewriteDriver available.

static bool net_instaweb::DomainRewriteFilter::UpdateOneDomainHeader ( HeaderSource  src,
const GoogleUrl base_url,
const ServerContext server_context,
const RewriteOptions options,
StringPiece  name,
StringPiece  value_in,
GoogleString out 

Update an indivual header based on domain rewrite rules. Returns true if a change was made, in which case *out should be committed.

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