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net_instaweb::CssImageRewriter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 CssImageRewriter (CssFilter::Context *root_context, CssFilter *filter, CacheExtender *cache_extender, ImageRewriteFilter *image_rewriter, ImageCombineFilter *image_combiner)
bool RewriteCss (int64 image_inline_max_bytes, RewriteContext *parent, CssHierarchy *hierarchy, MessageHandler *handler)
bool FlatteningEnabled () const
 Is flattening enabled?
bool RewritesEnabled (int64 image_inline_max_bytes) const
 Are any rewrites enabled?
void RewriteSlot (const ResourceSlotPtr &slot, int64 image_inline_max_bytes, RewriteContext *parent)

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitStats (Statistics *statistics)
static void InheritChildImageInfo (RewriteContext *context)

Member Function Documentation

static void net_instaweb::CssImageRewriter::InheritChildImageInfo ( RewriteContext context)

Propagates image information in child rewrites of context into it. Expected to be called from context->Harvest().

bool net_instaweb::CssImageRewriter::RewriteCss ( int64  image_inline_max_bytes,
RewriteContext parent,
CssHierarchy hierarchy,
MessageHandler handler 

Attempts to rewrite the given CSS, starting nested rewrites for each import and image to be rewritten. If successful, it mutates the CSS to point to new images and flattens all (if enabled). Returns true if rewriting is enabled.

void net_instaweb::CssImageRewriter::RewriteSlot ( const ResourceSlotPtr slot,
int64  image_inline_max_bytes,
RewriteContext parent 

Rewrite an image already loaded into a slot. Used by RewriteImage and AssociationTransformer to rewrite images in either case.

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