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net_instaweb::CspContext Class Reference

#include "csp.h"

Public Member Functions

bool PermitsEval () const
bool PermitsInlineScript () const
bool PermitsInlineScriptAttribute () const
bool PermitsInlineStyle () const
bool PermitsInlineStyleAttribute () const
bool CanLoadUrl (CspDirective role, const GoogleUrl &origin_url, const GoogleUrl &url)
bool IsBasePermitted (const GoogleUrl &previous_origin, const GoogleUrl &base_candidate) const
bool HasDirective (CspDirective directive) const
bool HasDirectiveOrDefaultSrc (CspDirective directive) const
void AddPolicy (std::unique_ptr< CspPolicy > policy)
void Clear ()
size_t policies_size () const
bool empty () const

Detailed Description

A set of all policies (maybe none!) on the page. Note that we do not track those with report disposition, only those that actually enforce — reporting seems like it would keep the page author informed about our effects as it is.

Member Function Documentation

bool net_instaweb::CspContext::CanLoadUrl ( CspDirective  role,
const GoogleUrl origin_url,
const GoogleUrl url 

All policies must OK, with base case being 'true'.

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