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net_instaweb::CriticalSelectorFinder Class Referenceabstract

#include "critical_selector_finder.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::CriticalSelectorFinder:

Public Member Functions

 CriticalSelectorFinder (const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, NonceGenerator *nonce_generator, Statistics *stats)
bool IsCriticalSelector (RewriteDriver *driver, const GoogleString &selector)
const StringSet & GetCriticalSelectors (RewriteDriver *driver)
virtual void WriteCriticalSelectorsToPropertyCache (const StringSet &selector_set, StringPiece nonce, RewriteDriver *driver)
BeaconMetadata PrepareForBeaconInsertion (const StringSet &selector_set, RewriteDriver *driver)
virtual int SupportInterval () const =0
 Gets the SupportInterval for a new beacon result.

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitStats (Statistics *statistics)
static void WriteCriticalSelectorsToPropertyCacheStatic (const StringSet &selector_set, StringPiece nonce, int support_interval, bool should_replace_prior_result, const PropertyCache *cache, const PropertyCache::Cohort *cohort, AbstractPropertyPage *page, MessageHandler *message_handler, Timer *timer)

Static Public Attributes

static const char kCriticalSelectorsValidCount []
static const char kCriticalSelectorsExpiredCount []
static const char kCriticalSelectorsNotFoundCount []
static const char kCriticalSelectorsPropertyName []

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool ShouldReplacePriorResult () const
 Returns true if a beacon result should replace all previous results.

Detailed Description

Interface to store/retrieve critical selector information in the property cache. See critical_finder_support_util.h for a description on how critical selectors are stored and updated.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

net_instaweb::CriticalSelectorFinder::CriticalSelectorFinder ( const PropertyCache::Cohort cohort,
NonceGenerator nonce_generator,
Statistics stats 

All of the passed-in constructor arguments are owned by the caller. If critical selector data is being received from a trusted source (ShouldReplacePriorResult() must return true in this case), nonce_generator may be NULL.

Member Function Documentation

BeaconMetadata net_instaweb::CriticalSelectorFinder::PrepareForBeaconInsertion ( const StringSet &  selector_set,
RewriteDriver driver 

Given a set of candidate critical selectors, decide whether beaconing should take place. We should always beacon if there's new critical selector data. Otherwise re-beaconing is based on a time and request interval. Returns the BeaconMetadata; result.status indicates whether beaconing should occur.

virtual void net_instaweb::CriticalSelectorFinder::WriteCriticalSelectorsToPropertyCache ( const StringSet &  selector_set,
StringPiece  nonce,
RewriteDriver driver 

Updates the critical selectors in the property cache. Support for the new selector_set is added to the existing record of beacon support. This updates the value in the in-memory property page but does not write the cohort. If results are obtained from a trusted source (ShouldReplacePriorResult() must return true) then nonce may be NULL.

static void net_instaweb::CriticalSelectorFinder::WriteCriticalSelectorsToPropertyCacheStatic ( const StringSet &  selector_set,
StringPiece  nonce,
int  support_interval,
bool  should_replace_prior_result,
const PropertyCache cache,
const PropertyCache::Cohort cohort,
AbstractPropertyPage page,
MessageHandler message_handler,
Timer timer 

As above, but suitable for use in a beacon context where no RewriteDriver is available.

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