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net_instaweb::CopyOnWriteLogRecord Class Reference

#include "log_record.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::CopyOnWriteLogRecord:
net_instaweb::LogRecord net_instaweb::AbstractLogRecord

Public Member Functions

 CopyOnWriteLogRecord (AbstractMutex *logging_mutex, LoggingInfo *logging_info)
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::LogRecord
 LogRecord (AbstractMutex *mutex)
LoggingInfo * logging_info ()
virtual void SetImageStats (int num_img_tags, int num_inlined_img_tags, int num_critical_images_used)
 Sets image related statistics.
virtual void SetResourceCounts (int num_external_css, int num_scripts)
 Sets the number of external resources on an HTML page.
virtual void AddFoundPropertyToCohortInfo (int page_type, const GoogleString &cohort, const GoogleString &property)
virtual void AddRetrievedPropertyToCohortInfo (int page_type, const GoogleString &cohort, const GoogleString &property)
void SetCacheStatusForCohortInfo (int page_type, const GoogleString &cohort, bool found, int key_state)
 Updates the cohort info to update the cache key state.
virtual void LogImageRewriteActivity (const char *id, const GoogleString &url, RewriterApplication::Status status, bool is_image_inlined, bool is_critical_image, bool is_url_rewritten, int size, bool try_low_res_src_insertion, bool low_res_src_inserted, ImageType low_res_image_type, int low_res_data_size)
 Log a RewriterInfo for the image rewrite filter.
void LogDeviceInfo (int device_type, bool supports_image_inlining, bool supports_lazyload_images, bool supports_critical_images_beacon, bool supports_deferjs, bool supports_webp_in_place, bool supports_webp_rewritten_urls, bool supports_webplossless_alpha, bool is_bot) override
 Log information related to the user agent and device making the request.
- Public Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::AbstractLogRecord
 AbstractLogRecord (AbstractMutex *mutex)
GoogleString AppliedRewritersString ()
RewriterInfo * NewRewriterInfo (const char *rewriter_id)
void SetRewriterLoggingStatus (const char *rewriter_id, RewriterApplication::Status status)
void SetRewriterLoggingStatus (const char *rewriter_id, const GoogleString &url, RewriterApplication::Status status)
void LogRewriterHtmlStatus (const char *rewriter_id, RewriterHtmlApplication::Status status)
void LogRewriterApplicationStatus (const char *rewriter_id, RewriterApplication::Status status)
void LogImageBackgroundRewriteActivity (RewriterApplication::Status status, const GoogleString &url, const char *id, int original_size, int optimized_size, bool is_recompressed, ImageType original_image_type, ImageType optimized_image_type, bool is_resized, int original_width, int original_height, bool is_resized_using_rendered_dimensions, int resized_width, int resized_height)
void SetIsHtml (bool is_html)
 Atomically sets is_html_response in the logging proto.
void SetIsOriginalResourceCacheable (bool cacheable)
void LogJsDisableFilter (const char *id, bool has_pagespeed_no_defer)
void LogLazyloadFilter (const char *id, RewriterApplication::Status status, bool is_blacklisted, bool is_critical)
bool WriteLog ()
AbstractMutexmutex ()
void SetRewriterInfoMaxSize (int x)
void SetAllowLoggingUrls (bool allow_logging_urls)
void SetLogUrlIndices (bool log_url_indices)
void SetNumHtmlCriticalImages (int num_html_critical_images)
 Sets the number of critical images in HTML.
void SetNumCssCriticalImages (int num_css_critical_images)
 Sets the number of critical images in CSS.
void SetCriticalCssInfo (int critical_inlined_bytes, int original_external_bytes, int overhead_bytes)
 Sets critical CSS related byte counts (all uncompressed).
void LogIsXhr (bool is_xhr)
 Log whether the request is an XmlHttpRequest.
virtual void SetBackgroundRewriteInfo (bool log_urls, bool log_url_indices, int max_rewrite_info_log_size)
 Sets initial information for background rewrite log.
virtual void SetTimingInfo (const RequestTimingInfo &timing_info)
 Set timing information in the logging implementation.

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool WriteLogImpl ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from net_instaweb::AbstractLogRecord
RewriterInfo * SetRewriterLoggingStatusHelper (const char *rewriter_id, const GoogleString &url, RewriterApplication::Status status)

Detailed Description

TODO(gee): I'm pretty sure the functionality can be provided by the previous ALR implementation, but for the time being leave this around to make the refactoring as limited as possible. AbstractLogRecord that copies logging_info() when in WriteLog. This should be useful for testing any logging flow where an owned subordinate log record is needed.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool net_instaweb::CopyOnWriteLogRecord::WriteLogImpl ( )

Implements writing a log, base implementation is a no-op. Returns false if writing failed.

Reimplemented from net_instaweb::LogRecord.

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