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net_instaweb::Callback2< A1, A2 > Class Template Referenceabstract

#include "callback.h"

Inheritance diagram for net_instaweb::Callback2< A1, A2 >:
net_instaweb::_MemberCallback_0_2< C, A1, A2, DeleteAfterRun > net_instaweb::_MemberCallback_2_1< T, P1, A1, A2, DeleteAfterRun >

Public Member Functions

virtual void Run (A1, A2)=0

Detailed Description

template<class A1, class A2>
class net_instaweb::Callback2< A1, A2 >

Base class for a two-argument callback. Currently we have a single implementation that handles single argument member functions, which are to be invoked at some point in the future with the parameter. Example Usage:

class MyClass { public: void MyMethod(int x, double y); };

void Foo(MyClass* my_class) { Callback<int, double>* cb = NewCallback(my_class, &MyClass::MyMethod); Bar(cb); }

void Bar(Callback1<int, double>* cb) { cb->Run(1234, 2.7182818); }

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