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net_instaweb::Arena< T > Class Template Reference

#include "arena.h"

Public Member Functions

void * Allocate (size_t size)
void DestroyObjects ()
 Cleans up all the objects in the arena. You must call this explicitly. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t ExpandToAlign (size_t in)
 Rounds block size up to 8; we always align to it, even on 32-bit.

Static Public Attributes

static const size_t kAlign = 8

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class net_instaweb::Arena< T >

This template keeps a packed set of objects inheriting from the same base type (which must have a virtual destructor) where all of the objects in the same arena are expected to be destroyed at once.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void* net_instaweb::Arena< T >::Allocate ( size_t  size)

< Need room to link the next object.

Update the links – the previous object should point to our chunk's base, our base should point to NULL, and last_link_ should point to our base

Warning: the following line is very type-sensitive and can't easily be turned into a DCHECK_EQ as lint would like.

template<typename T >
void net_instaweb::Arena< T >::DestroyObjects ( )

Cleans up all the objects in the arena. You must call this explicitly.

Walk through objects in this chunk.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename T>
const size_t net_instaweb::Arena< T >::kAlign = 8

All allocations we make will be aligned to this. We will also reserve this much room for our work area, as it keeps things simple.

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